Vicky Weiss, Artist Lead – Sleepy Eye, MN

Today we honor Vicky as a BIC Graphic NA Hero for always being kind and honest with the information she offers. She is known to go above and beyond her regular duties to make sure her team is successful, and always with a positive attitude.

Vicky started at BIC Graphic North America in August of 2001 in the Imprinting Press Room. She moved into the Graphic Art Department as an Artist and then into the role of Art Team Lead. During the busy season you will also find Vicky helping out in several other departments – a true team player!

As an Art Team Lead, Vicky assists artists, watches the workflow, answers questions from other departments, and collaborates on process improvements. She also reviews and  reworks credits to educate artists and help eliminate future errors.

Vicky’s favorite part of being on the BIC Graphic NA team is working with artwork and helping others. She likes using her knowledge of the business to make improvements and ensure customers receive the correct product the first time.

When it comes to our People Powers, Vicky is most passionate about Speak with Truth & Kindness: Act with Integrity. She values communication and finds it important to explain the “why” behind processes and changes that may happen. She believes being positive and clear with others allows for good communication.

Vicky enjoys the wide range of her job and finds that each day is something different. Working with art, assisting artists, attending meetings, working on projects and all her other day-to-day responsibilities are what keeps it interesting. Her favorite BIC Graphic NA product is the #1600 Motivations Appointment Calendar. In her spare time, Vicky likes to bake, work in her vegetable and strawberry gardens and also canning the produce.

Thank you, Vicky, for for being a valuable team member who doesn’t hesitate to help, so everyone can be successful!

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