Inside Sales Account Manager – Clearwater, FL

Today we recognize Teri as a BIC Graphic North America Hero for going above and beyond for a customer with a time-sensitive order. She communicated with multiple departments to coordinate special packaging and numerous drop shipments while keeping the client informed every step of the way.

Teri has been with BIC Graphic NA for 13-1/2 years as an Inside Sales Representative. At first, she worked in three different time zones because her territory started with Midwest states and went through the Pacific Coast. Today, she works with Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York and credits dealing with clients from all over the country with helping to successfully develop her career at BIC Graphic NA.

Day to day, Teri supports the sales needs of her clients for our joint success. This includes working with them on their promotional campaigns, and helping with ideas for advertising to their client base so they can grow their own businesses. Brainstorming and collaborating with her clients helps Teri come up with ideas and product recommendations to pass on to their customers. She builds strong relationships and owns her responsibility to help her clients be successful, even if that means assisting outside the typical sales realm.

Teri’s favorite part of working at BIC Graphic NA is the amazing diversity of our clients. She enjoys speaking with people from all over the country, learning what is happening in their world, hearing input, feedback and understanding their needs. She says she learns from them all the time! Teri finds her teammates at BIC Graphic NA to be an equal favorite. “At the end of the day we all have each other’s backs and our clients’ best interests at heart. It isn’t always easy and it makes me so proud to see the success stories we contribute to,” says Teri.

She also loves being part of amazing brands like BIC® and Koozie®. In fact, her favorite product is the #46175 Koozie® Camron Double Wall Tumbler because it is perfect for her morning tea to get her day going. She loves the matte texture and double wall insulation that keeps her tea warm until she finishes it – even without the lid.

When it comes to People Powers, Teri is most passionate about Ask, Seek, Go Deep and Learn because it is the keystone to build on all our other People Powers. She feels they are ALL important, but when you ask questions to go deep and learn you begin to get the full picture of how we impact our clients. This can build the road to strong relationships and successes within both our company and our clients’ worlds. After all, their success is our success.

In her spare time, Teri loves being with her family – she says family shenanigans are the best!  Cutting up with the kids and grand kids – being silly and laughing – helps keep her young. She also does Pilates, enjoys her plants and music. She has a tendency to break out in random song at home, in the car, out in public and even AT WORK! Teri is one of the biggest I Love Lucy fans out there and even had about 100 episodes on tape back when people used VHS. She is also a fan of old Hollywood movies and music from the 1930’s – 1950’s.

Thank you, Teri, for your willingness to tackle complex projects while keeping our customers informed so they have a great experience!

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