Jessica Lyczkowski, Assistant Vendor Liaison Manager – Clearwater, FL

Today we recognize Jessica as a BIC Graphic North America Hero for displaying our company values in all her work. She always looks for the most efficient way to work through any issues with a positive outlook and is a true asset to our organization.

Jessica has been with BIC Graphic NA for nine years, starting as a temp in the Credit Department. From there she moved to full-time in Clarification before being promoted to Inside Sales, then Assistant Product Manager before taking on her current role as Assistant Vendor Liaison Manager.

As Assistant Vendor Liaison Manager, Jessica helps manage the Vendor Liaison Team – a group she calls customer obsessed – who bring their best everyday. She also works closely alongside her manager, Rachel Rosario, with external partners and internally to improve our customers’ experiences. Currently she is focused on enhancing our existing partner processes to be more efficient for handling external orders. Jessica says, “We are a great team because we ask, seek, go deep and learn. We are always looking for ways to better serve our customers while raising the bar internally and externally.”

Jessica is also working on several projects to gain efficiencies in both cost and time, and continuing with the enhancements that have been needed in the business. She is excited to watch the projects go live as they come through the testing and simulation phases.

Jessica’s favorite part of working at BIC Graphic NA is her incredible team. She is very proud of the Vendor Liaison Team and how they bring about our People Powers. Kari Voth: Speaks with Truth & Kindness, Act with Integrity. Sandra Turner: Ask, Seek, Go Deep & Learn. Heather Falkner: Know the Business & Deliver. “Together we are strong team and work every day to be One Team,” Jessica says.

When it comes to People Powers, Jessica is most passionate about Raise the Bar. Being part of internal projects has given her a new perspective on what takes to bring about change. She has enjoyed being able see the concept of an idea and watch it transform into reality, describing it as an amazing process that involves all departments and people working together as One Team to Raise the Bar.

Jessica’s favorite products are our Koozie® Can Koolers. She appreciate how we keep innovating and coming up with great ideas – from slim to wine, collapsible to foam, full color to color changing, basic to bottle, business card to campfire! Her absolute favorite is the new #46345 Koozie® Duo Can Kooler that can hold both a 12 oz. regular can or a 12 oz. slim can. Because. . . #WhiteClaw.

In her spare time, Jessica enjoys being outside. You’ll find her biking, fishing, walking trails and going to the beach. Fun fact: Jessica took American Sign Language as her foreign language in college!

Thank you, Jessica, for embracing our People Powers to always do your best for our customers and BIC Graphic NA!

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