According to the latest ASI Global Ad Impressions Study, promotional writing instruments generate up to 3,000 impressions throughout their lifetime. Plus, those pens are kept an average of 9 months, which is some serious promo power.

In products like the #CSANTI BIC® PrevaGuard™ Clic Stic® Pen an EPA-registered antimicrobial additive is molded directly into the pen’s plastic components. This helps protect the pen by suppressing the growth of bacteria, molds, mildew and fungi, especially in high-moisture environments. Even better, the antimicrobial additive in PrevaGuard™ products should last the life of the plastic, unless it is destroyed. Remember those 3,000 impressions?

We know that part of getting #ReboundReady™ is knowing who is buying what, right now. So we’ve collected our favorite case studies for a current best-seller, the #CSANTI BIC® PrevaGuard™ Clic Stic® Pen, to help spark ideas for 8 different vertical markets. In fact, you can also download flyers featuring these case studies and more popular PrevaGuard™ products right on our website.

Car Dealership

Purpose: Sign and drive campaign
A car dealership mailed their customers a #CSANTI BIC® PrevaGuard™ Clic Stic® Pen and information card promoting their annual sign and test drive event. The pens were imprinted with the dealership’s logo, sign and drive hashtag, and PrevaGuard™ logo. The accompanying insert card explained the cleaning and sanitization protocols to reassure customers, and the benefits of the PrevaGuard™ pen. Recipients were encouraged to bring in their pen for a free gift with any test drive.

Credit Union

Client: Informational mailers
A regional teachers credit union was looking for ideas to encourage educators, administrators and staff to join their membership. Their traditional annual campaign was disrupted when the Coronavirus pandemic closed schools in their area. They chose to mail #CSANTI BIC® PrevaGuard™ Clic Stic® Pens and details on their services to school districts, private schools and universities across five counties.

Financial Institution

Purpose: Single use pens for drive-thru banking
In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, a financial institution decided to provide #CSANTI BIC® PrevaGuard™ Clic Stic® Pens in all their locations and for drive-thru banking. This was intended to encourage customers and employees to take and keep a pen. By using an imprinted writing instrument, the financial institution also benefited from increased brand impressions as people used their pens outside their credit unions in everyday life.

Food Delivery

Purpose: Targeted direct mail campaign
To gain competitive advantage while food delivery was rising in popularity, a national pizza chain drop shipped “goody bags” to their top 1,000 franchises. Each bag included delivery coupons, a #CSANTI BIC® PrevaGuard™ Clic Stic® Pen, and a #41168 Koozie® PrevaGuard™ britePix™ Can Kooler. Franchisees loved the promotion; including the goody bags with home deliveries and dropping them off at local small businesses to generate more sales.


Purpose: Writing instrument giveaway at polling places
A local election committee was interested in a writing instrument giveaway for polling places on upcoming election days. They ordered 5,000 #CSANTI BIC® PrevaGuard™ Clic Stic® Pens for each polling location because they wanted an affordable option that also offered added protection for the pen because of people’s concerns with reusing pens during the voting process.

Grocery Store

Purpose: Pens for warehouse inventory processing
A national grocery store chain recently updated their cleaning and sanitizing protocols. They eliminated the need for cleaning pens during their inventory checks by purchasing affordable #CSANTI BIC® PrevaGuard™ Clic Stic® Pens. The EPA-registered antimicrobial additive helped protect the pens used in their warehouse by suppressing the growth of bacteria, molds, mildew and fungi.

Liquor Stores

Purpose: Pens for new order pick up offering
A liquor store remained opened as an essential business during a pandemic. They created a drive-up packaged goods pick up for customers to receive their merchandise without having to go into the store. Employees gave a #CSANTI BIC® PrevaGuard™ Clic Stic® Pen to each driver to keep and sign their mobile credit card receipt upon payment. The pen had their website and phone printed on it advising customers to call ahead with their next order or place it on their website for quick and easy pick up.


Purpose: Pens for sign-in and paperwork
As the pandemic spread, a statewide healthcare center provided #CSANTI BIC® PrevaGuard™ Clic Stic® Pens for their waiting rooms and check-in areas. While they encouraged visitors to keep the pens they used, the EPA-registered antimicrobial additive protected the pens by suppressing the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus and mildew on the writing instruments.

Did you know?

BIC® PrevaGuard™ Clic Stic® Pens are sold at some of the top retailers in the US! So when your customers see them in their favorite stores, be sure to let them know you can help them build their brands with PrevaGuard™ promotional pens!

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