Koozie Group (previously BIC Graphic North America) has announced the implementation of a KG (Keep It. Give It.) Factor designation, identifying 510 products whose designs lessen environmental impact through longevity. The supplier worked with a third-party, Hanover Research, to conduct an impartial end-user survey to identify KG Factor items as part of Koozie Group’s larger social impact and sustainability commitment.

KG Factor promotional products have a high likelihood of being kept or gifted (i.e., given/passed along), as determined by the end-user survey. Hanover Research included responses from 6,699 men and women ages 18 – 75+ from all fifty states and household incomes. Participants were shown a variety of promotional items from Koozie Group’s assortment and asked questions to determine what they would do if they received the product, why they would take that action and how long they would keep the item. Those that received a minimum score based on these answers were designated as KG Factor products.

“4 out of 5 people would keep or give a KG Factor product because it was useful, functional, durable and attractive. 85% of respondents said they would keep these items until they break. We always want to be sure Koozie Group promotional products align with our high standards for quality, safety and compliance. The KG Factor is a simple way for our Distributors to identify high-quality items that will have longevity in the marketplace.”

Melissa Ralston, CMO with Koozie Group

The promotional products supplier began working on the KG Factor project in early 2019 after seeing an increased interest in social responsibility from their employees. As part of their transition to a stand-alone company, Koozie Group established a cross-functional task force of team members who used feedback from their teams, promotional product Distributors and end users to develop a broader social impact and sustainability commitment centered around 4 main areas:

  • Fostering diversity and inclusion
  • Giving back to employees and community
  • Safety and social responsibility
  • Environmental stewardship

Each of these areas has a 3-year goal plan to find areas of improvement that will further Koozie Group’s overall vision to leave a positive, lasting impact with the solutions and experiences they deliver.

“The KG Factor is one way we are evolving our product strategy as we know not all products we offer can be made with recycled materials, but we do have more control over their longevity and feel this benefits our customers, the promotional product industry and our communities,” said Ralston. “The KG Factor is part of our continued commitment to environment stewardship and our goal is that 75% of all new products will have the KG Factor and 50% of all items by 2024.”

All KG Factor items can be identified with the KG Factor icon which is displayed on applicable product pages at kooziegroup.com and in Koozie Group’s printed marketing materials.

(Month date, 2022 – Clearwater, FL)

About Koozie Group:

As one of the largest suppliers in the promotional products industry, Koozie Group designs and produces reliable products that support and build brand legacies. Our portfolio of popular brands spans 10+ product categories and features powerhouse names including Koozie®, KAPSTON®, Souvenir®, Triumph®, and Atchison®, alongside iconic retail partners BIC®, Tervis®, Titleist®, and Leatherman® – just to name a few. IMAGEN Brands, a premier supplier of high-quality hard and soft goods, became part of the Koozie Group family in 2020, adding partnerships with top retail brands such as Coleman®, Rubbermaid®, and ShedRain®.

We’re proud to leave a positive, lasting impact with the solutions and experiences we deliver by doing business in a way that benefits our people, customers, communities, and industry. We call this vision Keep It. Give It. This philosophy steers our decisions and drives our industry-leading commitment to product safety, social responsibility, supply chain security, and environmental stewardship. Some of our accomplishments include:

  • Over 70% of our products carry our KG Factor designation, which identifies promo solutions that lessen environmental impact through longevity.
  • We introduce 100+ new products annually, 75% of which have a sustainability stance.
  • Our domestic facilities are Forest Stewardship Council® and Sustainable Forestry Initiative® certified.
  • We are a member of the Fair Labor Association.

Learn more about how we keep the good going® at kooziegroup.com.

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