Regional Account Manager – Sales – Clearwater, FL

Today we honor Greg Wooff for his role as a Regional Account Manager in our Sales Department.

During his 33 years with the company, Greg has managed accounts in every state west of the Mississippi River except for the Dakotas. He even recently picked up Southern California as part of the territories he covers – a change that he is very excited about!

While there’s no “typical” workday for Greg, his job normally involves concentrating on either customer concerns or opportunities, following up on opportunities and quotes, conducting virtual or in-person meetings with customers, and planning future meetings.

“Working on virtual samples, ideas for customers, and keeping the pipeline going is the focus,” he notes.

For Greg, interacting with customers, as well as his co-workers and manager, is the best part of working at Koozie Group. Being so people-focused, it makes sense that Greg’s favorite People Power is “Speak With Truth & Kindness; Act With Integrity.”

“I always try to treat people with the same kindness and respect I would like and also believe in trying to do the right thing,” he said. “Like Benjamin Franklin said, ‘Well done is better than well said.’”

As for his favorite Koozie Group® product, Greg is partial toward the #16110 Koozie® Olympus 9-Can Kooler, which he said is great for transporting cold sodas or bottles of water when traveling or even using as an oversized lunch bag. The fact that it’s durable and cool looking is also a plus!

Outside of work, Greg loves to read or watch British crime dramas with his wonderful wife. He also has a special place in his heart for felines.

“I am a cat dad to 3 great cats we adopted from either the shelter or the streets in Phoenix,” he said. “We are also ‘foster parents’ to 4 or 5 cats who happen to hang around our house daily, due to the fact that we feed them!”

Thank you, Greg, for taking a people-first approach to sales and for ensuring that customers’ needs are met!

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