Springtime is all about “the new” – new flowers in bloom, new activities to enjoy, and all-new products from Koozie Group! Spring into action now and check out these exciting new items.

From extra sunlight, to the return of outdoor recreation, to saying goodbye to dry skin, there are plenty of reasons why spring is the best season for your mental health. (1) If stress starts to creep in while you’re trying to enjoy a hike in the woods or a nice relaxing day at the beach, however, be sure to pull out this pop bubble strap. Just push the bubbles down and feel your worries burst into thin air. Made of durable silicone, this item can be washed to keep it clean.

When you’re finally able to enjoy that picnic at the lake you’ve been dreaming about for months, you’ll want to bring along the Koozie® Triple-Carry Insulated Tote-Pack Kooler! With its multiple handles, you can sling it over your shoulder, carry it like a grocery bag, or use the convertible/adjustable straps to hold it flat or convert it into a backpack. And whether you need to keep things hot or cold, the thermal liner has you covered.

During winter, the cold wind outside combined with the dry air inside can leave you with dry, chapped lips. This is one of several consequences of having to deal with dry indoor air for months. (2) If your lips are still recovering, you’ll want to use our new lip balm! It has a lot of great flavors and offers extra protection for your lips. Plus, your design is sure to stand out on this promo favorite.

Whether you need a hot caffeinated beverage to get your morning spring adventure started off right or a nice cool drink while chilling outside, the multifunctional Koozie® Slim Triple Patterned Vacuum Tumbler can get the job done. With just the screw-on black ring, this brightly patterned drinkware item holds a 12 oz. slim can or regular beer bottle. Drop in the clear spill-resistant plastic lid, and you have an on-the-go tumbler for your drink.

For even more great promotional products, check out www.kooziegroup.com.

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