Value Stream Leader – Sourced Writing Instruments – Clearwater, FL

Today we recognize Jonaleah Carrow-Sherman for her role as a Value Stream Leader in our Source Writing Instruments Department.

Jonaleah started her Koozie Group career in 2015 in the Order Management (OM) Department. She later transitioned into Production as a Facilitator, then became a Supervisor.

Each day in her role as a Value Stream Leader, Jonaleah works on improving processes, growing and strengthening her team with training, and planning for future developments. Something she is currently working on that she is very excited about is increasing morale at the Clearwater facilities by having fun pop-up holiday spirit days!

“I enjoy decorating the Clearwater B2 building for each holiday to add a little spark from day to day,” she said. “I have also painted all the wooden Christmas signs we use for props in B2 Manufacturing.”

Jonaleah’s favorite part about being a Koozie Group employee is working with her amazing coworkers.

“They are not afraid of speaking their minds and helping improve the day to day,” she said. “They also keep things light and make me laugh.”

When it comes to her favorite product, Jonaleah is partial toward the Souvenir® Armor Pen #55945 because of its soft rubber feel and the InstaGlide® hybrid ink. As someone who refuses to accept things “as is” and likes to know why things are done a certain way or how they are completed, Jonaleah’s favorite People Power is “Ask, Seek, Go Deep, & Learn.”

“This is one of the reasons why I left OM after 3 years and transitioned to the factory,” she said. “I understood how the shell of the order was made and wanted to learn what happened next.”

In her spare time, Jonaleah enjoys crafting, which includes but is not limited to painting holiday interchangeable signs, making custom ornaments, and knitting. Another fun fact about Jonaleah: she owns over 60 pairs of Mickey Mouse ears!

Thank you Jonaleah for improving processes, strengthening your team, and bringing some holiday cheer to the workplace!

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