We’ve all heard of “timed-release caplets” right? Medication formulated to release slowly to sustain its effect. But what about timed-release marketing?

Consider this: There are 365 days in a year. If the average person looks at their calendar just 6 times a day, that equals over 2,000 viewings per year. Calendars also offer a lot of real estate that is very easy to customize. There’s room not only for your brand information but also for coupons, product information, educational content, tips and tricks, fundraising or cause-related content, and much more.

Calendars really do impact every day. Here are some great reasons to choose them for your next promotion.*

  • Average number of printed calendars per household = 2.08
  • 86% of people who use a digital calendar also use a printed calendar.
  • 89% of people who receive a promotional calendar are likely to use it.

*According to a MarketSight® Survey, April 2019

Additionally, the paper stock for nearly all of our calendars now comes from sustainable sources. (Find all the details here.)

The clock is ticking on early-order pricing, which expires on July 1. If you need further convincing to place your order now, consider these benefits.

5 Reasons to Order Early

  • Save money – Get the best price of the year.
  • Best Selection – The styles and themes you want are guaranteed to be in stock.
  • Free Storage – We’ll store orders until fall at no cost.
  • Peace of Mind – Calendars will be ready for distribution when you are.
  • Be First – Get your calendars on your customer’s wall first.

Note: All orders placed before July 2 must be production ready by July 5 in order to secure the best price. This means the order cannot be in clarification, proof approval, or on credit hold.

So, jump over to kooziegroup.com to browse our hundreds of styles of calendars and find the one (or ones) that are right for you.

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