You may not have ever realized it, but blue is a powerful color. For one thing, it can often evoke a wide range of emotions. If you’re feeling sad, you might say you have the blues. If you’re taking a walk under the bright blue sky, you may feel happy. Or if you’re staring out into a large blue body of water, you may be feeling calm, scared, or excited depending on what types of thoughts are swimming through your head.

Blue is also a very important color, particularly in the world of writing instruments. In fact, blue ink is preferred when signing documents because the color stands out among the walls of black text, while still being dark enough to read. Plus, blue ink also indicates that the document is an original and not a copy. (1) For these same reasons, blue ink is also preferred when filling out applications for a job, credit card, or gym membership. (2)

Yes, the color blue can truly make an impact and so can your brand when featured on one of our many blue ink writing instruments! Be sure to check out our entire selection here.

Fun Fact: Did you know that most baseball fans prefer blue ink over black when getting a ball signed by their favorite player? With some brands, the black tones shift to purple, whereas blue stays the same over time. (3)

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