Want to take your writing to the next level? Then be sure to use our writing instruments featuring elevated ink technologies!

Koozie Group offers two elevated ink options free of charge on select items. Ink Stream Technology™, featured in our Dart pens, such as our #55665 Chrome Dart Pen, is an upgraded ink formula that offers a smooth, consistent write-out. Many of our Souvenir® pens, such as our #55945 Souvenir® Armor Pen, feature InstaGlide® Hybrid Ink, a premium blend of gel and ballpoint ink that delivers the best of both worlds – a smooth writing experience and faster drying time to minimize smudging.

Check out our selection of writing instruments with InstaGlide® Hybrid Ink here and our lineup of Ink Stream Technology™ writing instruments here!

Fun Fact: Ink technology has come a long way over the years. Did you know that as early as 3200 BCE, Egyptians were creating ink by burning wood or oil and mixing the result with water? They also concocted red ink using iron-based compounds like ocher and other natural earth pigments. (1)

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