Even small choices can have a big impact. Here’s the scoop on the materials used in some of our greener writing instruments. We know you’ll love them as much as we do!

Post-Consumer Recycled Paper

The #55064 ECOL Retractable Pen has a body made of 60% post-consumer recycled paper. This material gives new life to a note, newspaper, or piece of homework that an eco-conscious someone tossed into their recycling bin.

Recycled PET

The #56041 Recycled PET Dart Pen touts 87% recycled plastic in its makeup. PET is the most common type of resin and is used in containers that hold anything from water to shampoo to peanut butter. This discarded packaging is recycled and finds its way into a variety of different products.

Pre-Consumer Recycled Plastic

The #TSECO Tri-Stic® RPET Pen, as well as the BIC® Ecolutions® versions of the #CSECO Clic Stic® and #RSECO Round Stic® Pens all contain over 50% pre-consumer recycled plastic. Made from scrap or discards, this Earth-friendlier alternative saves manufacturing waste from the landfill.

A Case in Point

A large credit union wanted to highlight their corporate social responsibility efforts during their new member campaign. Using the theme “Straight to the Point,” they talked not only about their services, but also focused on their sustainability efforts and community involvement. Every new member received a welcome package made up of carefully selected items made from eco-conscious materials, including the #CSECO BIC® Ecolutions® Clic Stic® Pen that is made from pre-consumer recycled plastic and also carries the KG Factor designation. The credit union also pledged to donate 50 of the same pens to local schools when someone opened an account with them. The campaign succeeded in bringing 17% more new members on board compared to the previous year.

Click here for more details on these greener choices for writing instruments from Koozie Group.

Fun Fact: A great item for holding all these eco-conscious writing instruments is the #16168 Recycled PET Two-Tone Pouch. Made with 76% post-consumer recycled PET, this pouch keeps the equivalent of two 16 oz. plastic water bottles out of the landfill.

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