Shipping Operator – Shipping – Sleepy Eye, Minnesota

Today we recognize Jeremy Tauer for his role as a Shipping Operator in our Shipping Department in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota.

Throughout his 26 years at Koozie Group, Jeremy has worked as a material handler, and as an operator of a two-color press, imprint press, and six-color press. He has also worked on a spiraling machine called “web sickengers.” In his current role as a Shipping Operator, Jeremy takes care of all truck orders and even loads the trucks.

For Jeremy, the people are the best part about working at Koozie Group. In addition to interacting with his fellow employees, being able to learn a new aspect of his job is something that really gets him excited to come into work each day. It’s no surprise, then, that his Favorite People Power is “Ask, Seek, Go Deep, & Learn.”

“I like to be challenged and know as much as I can to help,” he said.

Outside of work, Jeremy enjoys refereeing hockey games, umpiring baseball and softball games, watching sports, and spending time with his family.

Thank you, Jeremy, for all that you’ve done for Koozie Group for the past 26 years and counting!

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