Wherever your next adventure takes you, bring a cooler that can keep your items cold and withstand whatever challenges that come along. When you need durability and extended ice/cold retention, you’ll want to bring along an ORCA® cooler!

Established in 2012, Outdoor Recreation Company of America (ORCA) is a Tennessee-based company whose roots sprouted from an idea to build a product in America that could withstand the rigors of outdoor use. All ORCA® coolers have the distinction of being a 100% made in the USA product!  Their rugged, roto-molded coolers can handle whatever you throw at them. Perfect for outings where food will require extensive refrigeration, an ORCA® cooler features thicker integrated insulation that is better equipped to keep your meals safe and cold.  Not only do ORCA® coolers allow for maximum ice/cold retention for up to 10 days, they are also certified bear-proof and come backed with a lifetime warranty.

Our ORCA® coolers come in three convenient sizes.  Our 20 quart is perfect for a day outing or for an overnight trip.  Our 26 quart would be best for a slightly longer outing when beverages and food need to stay cold.  And our 40 quart is perfect for a longer trip or a large get together in your backyard. 

Koozie Group is excited to have three ORCA® coolers in our lineup of product offerings. Each one has the following features:

  • USA Made
  • Free setup.
  • Certified bear-resistant when used with padlock (not included).
  • Durable, roto-molded construction and integrated insulation for maximum ice/cold retention for up to 10 days.
  • Lid gasket to ensure a perfect seal.
  • Cargo net attachment for added storage and easy-flow drainage spout.
  • Backed by ORCA’s Lifetime Warranty.

#16139 ORCA® 20 Quart Cooler

This cooler was dubbed by Huffington Post as “one of the best coolers to keep your drinks cold this summer.” (1)

  • Holds up to 20 cans.
  • Single flex-grip stainless steel handles for simple solo portage.
  • Comes in Navy, Seafoam, Tan, and White.

#16140 ORCA® 26 Quart Cooler

  • Holds up to 24 cans.
  • Extendable flex-grip handles for comfortable solo or tandem portage.
  • Comes in Seafoam, Tan, and White.

#16141 ORCA® 40 Quart Cooler

  • Holds up to 48 cans.
  •  Extendable flex-grip handles for comfortable solo or tandem portage.
  • Comes in Navy, Seafoam, Tan, and White.

Helpful Tips

We’ve compiled some best practices to help you get the most out of your ORCA® Cooler on your next outing.

  • Use a disinfecting wipe to clean the inside of your cooler prior to packing. This can create a clean base and help lessen the chances of your food spoiling. (2)
  • Make sure you bring your cooler inside and refrigerate your food and beverages the night before your adventure to better preserve your ice packs. (3)
  • When packing, aim for an ice-to-content ratio of 2:1. This means you’ll want twice as much ice as you have food and drinks. (4)
  • Sprinkle the ice inside your cooler with rock salt or ice cream salt. Salted water has a lower freezing point than pure water, so the ice temperature inside your cooler will drop. (5)
  • Packing in layers is important! Begin with a foundation of ice blocks/ice cubes. Load your frozen meats and meals and top with a thin layer of ice cubes. Next up, add items that you plan to eat first (such as snacks), followed by perishable items, and finally, another layer of ice cubes. If you plan to pack beverages, now’s the time to add them. However, experts recommend a separate cooler for these if possible. (6)
  • Large pockets of air inside of your cooler will accelerate ice melt, so be sure to fill up as much extra space as possible with ice. (7)
  • Placing a few frozen ice sheets on top of everything you packed can help trap the cold and prevent warm air outside from spilling into the cooler when opened. (8)
  • To make sure your drinks stay cold and your food stays fresh longer, store the cooler in a shaded area, limit the number of times you open the lid, and don’t drain any melting water during your trip. (9)
  • Lastly, after use, drain any melted water from the cooler and clean everything out using mild soap and warm water. Also, make sure the cooler is dry before storing. (10)

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