Sales Operations Associate – Sales – Clearwater, Florida

Today we recognize Melissa Deisher for her role as a Sales Operations Associate in our Sales Department.

Melissa has worked for the company for 15 years, including 10 as an Artist and Trainer, two in Marketing, and three years in Sales. In her current role, she supports our Sales team in various ways by working with other departments at Koozie Group.

Melissa’s work week kicks off with a weekly newsletter to Sales with updates, promos, specials, and happenings at Koozie Group. Throughout the week, she is reviewing, testing, and working with our Digital team to enhance and improve our Salesforce CRM platform for our Sales team. Her other responsibilities include training, managing sales documents and contacts, and Salesforce reporting.

Melissa’s favorite part of working at Koozie Group is her co-workers, noting that they are more than fellow employees to her.

“The people I meet and work with day to day make me smile,” she said. “They are more than co-workers. They are my KG family.”

As for her favorite People Power, Melissa is partial toward One Team. Working from home, she said, has been a great reminder of that old saying, “There is no ‘I’ in team.”

“In my role, I’m reaching out to various people in different time zones, and they are amazing at taking the time to work with me or find time in their busy schedules to answer questions,” she said.

When it comes to selecting a favorite Koozie Group product, Melissa really likes our Olympus cooler collection, but admits she never leaves home without the SPF-15 Lip Balm.

In her spare time, Melissa enjoys golfing (she’s still a beginner). When not golfing on the weekends, she and her husband enjoy going camping and paddleboarding with their tiny 5-pound chihuahua Ruby and cheering on their favorite sports teams: the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Green Bay Packers.

Another interesting fact about Melissa is that she is passionate about tap dancing.

“Tapping is a passion I began when I was 8 and taught in high school and college,” she said. “Today, I no longer teach, but I can still be caught tapping my feet under my desk or shuffling around the kitchen or break room.”

Thank you, Melissa, for the many ways that you support our Sales team and for all that you’ve done for our company for the past 15 years and counting!

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