If you’ve ever received an email from a destitute prince from some far-off land asking for money, you know how easy it is for criminals to find you online. For companies, it’s no laughing matter. Cybersecurity is a real worry with potentially large financial consequences. Experts project that global cybercrime costs could grow to $10.5 trillion by 2025.

With rising cybersecurity concerns, Koozie Group is taking every precaution to protect customers’ data. As we continue to build more functionality into our Koozie Group Tracker, we wanted to make sure the email notifications about order updates were as user-friendly as possible. That’s when we started using secure short links.

Long Links Weren’t Friendly

We’ve always used encrypted links when sending customers updates about their orders. The drawback was that these links could be over 100 characters long and didn’t indicate that they were from Koozie Group. They certainly didn’t look like a safe, friendly link. Using a third-party vendor, we now create a unique, secure short link for every order-update email.

A short link from Koozie Group might look like this: https://go.kooziegroup.com/3LeKkH0.

While customers can still log in to their kooziegroup.com account and bypass the need to click on a link, using these secure shortcuts makes for a smoother customer experience. The shorter links have another benefit – they’ll be much more appropriate for updates via text, which is an option on the horizon.

Look for more improvements to the Koozie Group Tracker as we work to provide the best customer service in the industry.

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