With the ongoing situation surrounding the potential upcoming UPS workers’ strike, we wanted to provide customers with some important information.

Please know that we have no control over the decisions made by UPS or the labor union. Every day there are updates on the situation. Our teams are continuing to do everything in their power to ship orders on time and in full. The best we can do is offer an alternative shipping option with FedEx. However, it’s almost certain that delivery times will be impacted by a large shift to FedEx.

Q: What is going on?
UPS workers are discussing going on strike on Aug. 1, 2023, as they negotiate higher pay and benefits.

Here is a link to UPS:

Latest News:

Q: Do Koozie Group’s facilities ship UPS?
A: Our Red Wing, Sleepy Eye, and Clearwater facilities ship FedEx as standard shipping options. UPS and other carriers are also options and can pick up from our facilities.

Q: If I choose to use your shipping account, do I need to do anything?
No, if you have an order and have asked us to ship on our account, we will use FedEx.

Q: What if I am using my UPS third-party account?
You must give us permission/request to have your orders changed from your third-party account to our FedEx account.

Q: Are there any concerns with FedEx delivering based on additional volume?
We’ve discussed a shift and increase in packages with FedEx and they are not concerned about fulfilling these orders for us. However, we do expect a delay in a large shift from UPS to FedEx across the nation. We cannot guarantee delivery times.

Q: If I changed to FedEx and UPS doesn’t go on strike, will you switch it back for me?
For us to change shipping methods on an order, we do need the request to be made by the customer. If you would like any changes to the shipping method, please reach out to customer service to modify your order’s shipping preference. We will do our best to contact you for future orders that were changed if the UPS strike does not happen.

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