At some point, you’ve probably heard us talk about how we keep the good going®. When we changed our name to Koozie Group in January 2021, we introduced this phrase as our new tagline because it aligned with an updated purpose to provide long-lasting promo solutions that insulate a brand’s image and preserve a best moment.

But what exactly do we mean when we say that we keep the good going®? Well, to put it simply, it means we’re always improving! We constantly strive to be better, to move forward, and to provide the best customer experience possible. It also means we want to leave a positive, lasting impact with the solutions and experiences we deliver by doing business in a way that benefits our people, customers, communities, and industry. We call this vision Keep It. Give It.

With so much good going on at Koozie Group, we’ve created a web page to let you know how we are living out our tagline: It’s your go-to section of our website, where you can find exciting news about our products and brands, website updates, customer service improvements, how and why to do business with us, and our Keep It. Give It. initiatives.

Some of the more recent examples of ways that we’ve been able to keep the good going® include:

So the next time you want to know about the latest goings-on at Koozie Group, just head on over to to discover the ways that we’re constantly improving so that we can continue to keep the good going®.

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