There are two trends in today's marketplace that could be influencing the resurgence of luxury writing instruments:

1)  The desire for the exception — when it comes to spending a lot of money, timeless design sells.  Brands that can play up a history or tradition are in demand.

2)  Embracing analog — in response to the evaporation of so many physical things into intangible formats (music, photos, stationery), we're seeing a renewed interest in experiencing tactile, physical artifacts that can be kept as keepsakes.

Even today, when the world has gone digital, the experience of writing with a fine writing instrument is enjoyable to men and women alike.  While luxury writing instruments remain a small fraction of total writing instrument volumes in the US, the highest end of the market outperformed the mid-priced brands showing a growth of 4% in 2012.

What types of high-end writing instruments are appropriate for your customers?  Here are some examples of appropriate uses from our Sheaffer(R) collection.

ScreenHunter_02 Apr. 10 10.13A senior VP with 20 years of service retires.  What would be an appropriate keepsake to give at his goodbye luncheon?  Consider an item like the Sheaffer(R) Legacy(R) Heritage Roller.  Packaged in a branded premium gift box, the Legacy(R) line is an elegant gift to last a lifetime.  Click for product details. 

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You just closed a major real estate deal and you want your buyer to have something special as a thank you gift.  What kind of pen makes an impact and would keep you top of mind for future referrals?  Check out the Sheaffer(R) Intensity(R) Jet Stripe Ballpoint.  Sleek and streamlined with a little bit of an edge.  Packaged in Sheaffer's branded gift box.  Click for product details.




ScreenHunter_04 Apr. 10 10.27The local chapter of the breast cancer awareness organization just completed its big annual fundraiser and you need an elegant gift to thank top fundraisers for their efforts.  Consider the Sheaffer(R) Prelude(R) Mini for an understated, yet impactful keepsake.  The compact size and easy twist-action mechanism make it something everyone will want to hang on to.  Packaged in Sheaffer's branded gift box, this small item makes a huge statement.  Click for product details.


Keep high-end writing instruments in mind as you develop ideas for awards & recognition programs, gifts, company stores, and more.  

Contact your Norwood & BIC Graphic sales rep for more information on our exclusive Sheaffer(R) collection.

~Margit Fawbush

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