Most non-profits have two goals in mind 1) raise awareness and 2) raise money. Promotional products have an impressively low cost per impression – making them the ideal medium for both objectives and for the various audiences non-profits are seeking to impact.

Raise Awareness

Donors and volunteers are your best advocates. Tote bags, AP8005_applegreen_styled_4c   t-shirts and drinkware are all examples of items that are used frequently and therefore seen by many. Donors and volunteers are proud of their affiliation with a cause and carry these items as a badge of honor and part of their personal brand. Quality items that last will support a mission long after the event where they are distributed is over.

DCWBDG_PinkFor larger crowds where your goal is to reach as many people as possible with lower cost items like pens, magnets and bandage dispensers are also extremely impactful. These items can end up in a purse or on a fridge – and are a reminder of your cause for only pennies.




Raise Money

In order to continually fill the pipeline of volunteers and donations, 36455_side_B_on_whitenon-profits have to say “thank you” and recognize the people and organizations that contribute to their success.       Again, quality is important – and awards and recognition pieces are often displayed in an office or home for years to come. Developing a program that is consistent from year to year with coveted, beautiful pieces is an important part of your major donor programs. Volunteer leadership will appreciate smaller items like elegant paperweights, plaques and awards that say thank you without seeming over-the-top.

31775_yellow_closed_bpSome non-profits also sell branded goods online and at events to generate additional revenue in addition to building brand awareness. Typical items include t-shirts, hats, office accessories, drinkware and bags. These items need to be good quality – it may be the first impression the buyer has of the organization and they deserve a good value for spending their hard-earned money.

Non-profits often have a specific awareness ribbon color that they want highlighted in all their merchandise. BIC Graphic offers lots of options and capabilities for matching those important brand elements. britePix® full-color, photographic quality imprints offer endless opportunities for perfect color matches and impactful brand messaging. In combination with the broadest product line in the industry, we can help you put together the perfect non-profit promotional program.

Contact your BIC Graphic sales rep for some great ideas on how to put together the perfect combination of promotional items for raising awareness and raising money for your non-profit.

~Margit Fawbush


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