More and more, Retail Brands are popping up around the industry – going beyond the luggage and watch brands from the incentives segment. Why? Several reasons…but mostly it’s the perception of…

The perception of superior quality. If it’s been sold to the mass consumer market, it’s been more thoroughly vetted right? Consumer product safety testing and the manufacturer’s reputation ensure that the item is safe and end-users need have no fear of recalls, product failure, etc. Tech accessories such as powerbanks are a good example of an item that end users want safety testing assurance for and the idea that the product is backed by a well-known brand provides that certainty.

The perception of being “in”. Because it is found in retail, people assume that the product is in style, with the latest color, design, functionality. Bags, luggage and totes are often considered a fashion accessory. Certain brands also have cool factor. You just feel cool being associated with them. Nike is the perfect example – whether you’re an athlete or not, Nike is an aspirational brand with a broad appeal.

The perception of higher value. Branded products have a higher perceived value, are more expensive and therefore often a more impressive gift. Recognizable brands, particularly high profile ones with major media investments and endorsements, are especially highly prized items. The branded golf category is a perfect example of this phenomenon.

Consider retail brands for your next promotion. For certain audiences and industries, it can be the ideal way to set your message apart. Opportunities lie in sales incentive programs, golf events, alumni and donor gifts, holiday gifts, new member perks and more.

Contact BIC Graphic for a variety of retail brands. From the iconic BIC® writing instruments and KOOZIE® can koolers to prestigious partner brands such as Cool Gear®, Nike® and Leatherman® – brand recognition can be a valuable tool in building loyalty through promotional products.

~Margit Fawbush

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