National Nurses Week, beginning May 6, is a major event in the world of promotional products. We looked at the latest trends in promos and the nursing profession to develop a great list of ideas.

A couple overall thoughts –

  • Make them feel special with personalized products. Put their name on it and they’ll be even more impressed – and likely to keep the item long-term.
  • Nursing is a tough job – make their lives a little easier. Give them thoughtful items that make their long shifts a little more manageable.

1) Power Banks – More and more nurses are taking patient notes on tablets. Having a power bank can keep their tablet powered through the shift making this a very welcome gift. To really make this present special, personalization with each nurse’s name allows them to keep track of which tablet is theirs.31981_lime_4C_v1




2) Lunch Coolers – Bringing lunch to work is common practice with the hectic pace of nursing. A nice lunch tote will be appreciated for years. Opt for a cooler with storage space for a meal and a couple snacks, and possibly a beverage compartment.







3) Water Bottle – Moving around all day means needing to stay hydrated. Keeping a drink handy with a personal water bottle can reduce trips to a vending machine or fountain. To make this even more convenient, choose a water bottle with a carabiner or handle that can be used to hang the bottle from a bag or workstation.






4) Badge Holders or Lanyards – Several states require hospital ID badges. Hospitals are using them nationwide, helping patients know more about who is treating them. A lanyards or badge holder gives nurses a hands-free way to keep their badge handy and quickly accessible. They are also a great way to show off personal style.




5) Tablet Holders and Padfolios – A survey by Spyglass Consulting found that two-thirds of nurses are using personal devices “to support clinical communications and workflow.” Meanwhile, many hospitals still require paperwork to be filed as well. A padfolio with a tablet holder is a great solution so nurses can keep all their information on hand during patient visit. Keeping organized is a key to success for nurses.





6) Electronic Accessories – These days we are all using smart devices as extensions of ourselves. Any accessories enhancing these devices make for great gifts. Headphones and Bluetooth speakers are perfect for relaxing to music on breaks. A phone stand or screen cleaner will keep phones and tablets clean and organized. Whichever you choose, electronic accessories are sure to be appreciated.




7) Stylus Pens – A stylus is great solution for taking notes and completing forms more easily. Using a stylus allows tablets to be written on just like pen and paper. Selecting a pen/stylus combo can really simplify life by offering one writing instrument for both screens and paper.






8) Tote Bag – A large tote bag for daily use is perfect for nurses. With long shifts requiring a boatload of gear to and from the job each day, a tote bag can be quite useful in their daily commutes. Having the right bag means easily transporting a packed lunch, notebooks, tablets, a water bottle, toiletries, workout clothes and much more.





9) Cosmetics Case – A 2001 ANA/ survey showed over half of nurses work an average of 41 to 60 hours per week. A toiletry bag is a great gift for a nurse so they can keep their personal luxuries from home handy on the job. Also consider throwing in some convenient personal care products like manicure sets or personal mirrors.





10) Awards – Nothing says “We appreciate you” like personalized award. Make sure to have them printed or engraved with reminders of the excellent achievements of each nurse along with their name and years of service.






For more great ideas for Nurses Week, click here for a presentation on the topic.

~Margit Fawbush


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