Portable chargers are a hot new trend in promotional products. They make the perfect executive gift or a great addition to a sales incentive program. With all the buzz around chargers, their safety and compliance, you need to feel confident in the products you’re selling.

Did you know that….

  • The average person checks his/her phone 110 times a day!
  • The average smartphone battery lasts less than 8 hours!
  • The average person spends 2.7 hours a day on their phone just for FUN!

Here is a quick primer on the key attributes of portable chargers and how BIC Graphic’s myCharge® line can offer peace of mind.

What are Milliamps?  Mili Ampere hour (aka Milliamps, aka mAh) measures the energy charge that a battery will hold and how long a battery will run before the battery needs recharging. Most smartphone batteries range from 1400 to 2800mAh, while tablets range anywhere from 4000 mAh up to 12000 mAh.

  • We offer the 2200 mAh myCharge® AMPMINI 31878 and the 6000 mAh AMPMAX 31879.

What is “output”? Output defines the total amount of amperes (A) that the device can release. For most smartphones, 1.0A is sufficient and will charge at the fastest possible rate. For tablets, you need a minimum of 2.0A to charge at the maximum rate.

What impacts Charging Time? Charging time is impacted by a variety of factors, including capacity, power supply and device you’re charging.

  • myCharge® offers Peak Power™ technology. This technology allows us to maximize the amount of available power into the portable charger based on the input source (car, wall outlet, computer) which allows for faster recharging.
  • New myCharge® portable power banks recharge their internal batteries at rates up to 200% faster based on the input source.
  • When you charge both the myCharge® portable charger and the device in parallel, you can reduce charge time by 25% or more.

Worried about compatibility? Compatibility refers to the ability of two devices being able to be used together.

  • myCharge® offers Smartsense™ technology which allows full compatibility with any device that recharges via USB.
  • myCharge® products automatically recognize the device being charged for faster charging and deliver the maximum power to your device.

Why does “efficiency” matter? It’sthe ability to minimize the loss of energy created through the transfer of power. Many portable chargers are less than 80% efficient.

  • All myCharge® products are more than 90% efficient, maximizing the power to your device

Worried about Battery Power & Protection? Seen the recalls in the news?

  • myCharge® products have all been developed using the thinnest, lightest, high density Samsung batteries, allowing for more power from a smaller footprint.
  • All myCharge® products meet FCC requirements and are tested to UL1642 and UN38.3 requirements to ensure safe operation.
  • myCharge® offers two layers of battery protection (active & passive) to prevent products from  overcharge, undercharge, overcurrent, over-temperature and short-circuit .
myCharge(R) Ampmax Portable Charger with Flashlight

BIC Graphic brings myCharge®, a leading retail brand to the promotional products industry. Carried by over 20 major retailers, myCharge® has #1 in market share for portable power banks. Trust myCharge® for an impactful, quality gift executives and road warriors will appreciate and count on.

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