Our publishing operation is located in Sleepy Eye, MN and produces the Triumph® Calendar and Good Value Calendar®collections as well as BIC® Sticky Note™ pads and notebooks.

From a two story web press to digital printers for small quantity runs to the most sophisticated assembly and binding equipment, this site has a long history of award-winning calendar design and production and features the latest in printing technology.

Within the Sleepy Eye facility, we have an area dedicated to manufacturing and printing the BIC® Sticky Note™ adhesive notepads and cubes. We have four main processes used to convert the paper into a promotional BIC® Sticky Note™ product with 22 employees working in this specialized area.

It all starts with rolls and rolls of paper. Through the process, these rolls are printed with the customer’s promotional ad and treated with various coatings. These printed rolls become sheets that contain multiple ads per sheet with the needed adhesives to create a BIC® Sticky Note™ product.

Can you believe we produce approx 440,000 to 480,000 sheets a day?

The last steps include cutting to individual producs and packaging – including other options requested by the customer such as die cutting or wrapping.

In 2015, we packaged 53,303,304  adhesive BIC(R) Sticky Note™ pads – not even accounting for cubes – for a total of 63,273  in 2015 customer orders!

There are a couple of newer innovations in BIC® Sticky Note™ designs that have become popular alternatives to the more traditional designs:

Alternating Designs:  P3A3A25 3” x 3” BIC® Adhesive Notepads.

  • P3A3A_Madeline_PersonalizationMade in the USA & 24 hour service available.                                 Five Designs in One Notepad!
  • This new and innovative design method will alternate in sequence throughout the entire pad. Due to production process each pad may begin  with a different design. This is a new customer favorite which  allows us to alternate up to 5 sheet designs in one notepad.  This is perfect for corporations with multiple services.

Adhesive Spring Notepads combine the function of the adhesive notepads with fun to play with interaction.  4CP is included in the standard imprint cost.SPD3A_lightbulb_yellow_styled_blank

  • Spring Note Pads:  SP3A3A25 3″ x 3″ BIC® Adhesive Spring Notepad. This item is available in all of our stock 3” die-cut shapes.  All come with Free Set-ups and Free bleeds.

~Margit Fawbush


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