Why Sell Promotional Calendars?

We've all heard of "timed-release caplets" right? (Medication formulated to release slowly to sustain its effect.)  But what about timed-release marketing? Promotional products, particularly calendars, are perfect examples of timed-release marketing vehicles.  An industry-commissioned study showed that 86% of all calendar recipients could recall the ad message that's hanging on their wall.  The average recall of a … Continue reading Why Sell Promotional Calendars?

Top Tech Trends for the Holiday & Gifting Season

Trends in promotional tech products continue to evolve and track major releases by top smartphone and computer brands. As we enter Gift and Holiday Season, BIC Graphic has identified a few key themes to keep your customers on the cutting edge with executive gift and incentives that will set them apart from the rest. Larger … Continue reading Top Tech Trends for the Holiday & Gifting Season