We’ve all heard of “timed-release caplets” right? (Medication formulated to release slowly to sustain its effect.)  But what about timed-release marketing?

Promotional products, particularly calendars, are perfect examples of timed-release marketing vehicles.  An industry-commissioned study showed that 86% of all calendar recipients could recall the ad message that’s hanging on their wall.  The average recall of a commercial on TV is around 24%.

Consider this:  There are 365 days in a year.  If the average person looks at their calendar 12 times a day, this equals 4,380 viewing per year.  Take an average calendar cost of just $2.00 and divide it by 4,380 viewings and you come up with a cost-per-impression that’s less than half a cent for that calendar.

Calendars also offer brands real estate. Lots of real estate that is very easy to customize. On what other promotional product can you imprint educational content, coupons, how-to’s, product information, fund-raising or cause-related content and much more.

It is also important to remind your customers that while calendars are terrific for outward-facing communications, they are also great internal vehicles for company-related messages such as safety, benefits (health and investments), policy reminders, etc.

As you talk to your customers about adding calendars to their marketing mix, share these stats:

  • Average number of printed calendars per household = 3.12
  • 70% of calendar recipients plan to do business with the company that provided them the calendar.
  • 82% of all recipients enjoy getting a calendar as a complimentary gift.
  • 85% of calendar orders repeat – and the average calendar order repeats for 8 years

Share this thought-starter with your customers and start the conversation about calendars.

For a great video on how easy it is to order calendars for your customers and why they make great annual repeat business click below:

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~Margit Fawbush

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  1. It’s nice that you talked about how promotional products, particularly calendars, are perfect examples of timed-release marketing vehicles. I went to a corporate event the other day and I received some promotional items as souvenirs, like a calendar. Span-a-year calendars are very useful, so everyone would appreciate it when they receive one.

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