Using a Supplier with high product safety standards is one way to ensure items for your clients are aligned with their values. BIC Graphic NA is an industry leader in complying with product safety and regulation standards that we stand behind so you can feel confident.

In the promotional products industry, there is growing pressure from Fortune 500 end-user clients for proof from their distributors that the products they are sourcing are safe and compliant. (1) Specific vertical markets like insurance, healthcare, and cybersecurity are especially interested in product safety assurance. Superior compliance is also important in products for children and specific categories like technology or health, wellness, and safety.


Items backed by a retail brand have been thoroughly tested and meet the standards of that brand. Working with retail brands adds another layer of assurance that an item has been quality-checked and will help improve our safety standards as an industry. With over 50+ partner and proprietary brands, BIC Graphic NA has hundreds of items for clients who value superior compliance.


Promotional product distributors who provide a mix of high-quality brands with lower-priced alternatives stand out by giving end users more choice for their buying power. An item from a recognizable brand helps your clients stand out as a business that values quality.

BIC Graphic NA is a leader in product safety, quality assurance, social responsibility, supply chain security and environmental stewardship. Visit to view our full line of 50+ brands to meet your client’s safety expectations.

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