Purchasing/Buyer – Red Wing, MN

Today we thank Scott Gunderson for putting in the extra effort regardless of circumstance. Even with a heavier recent workload, Scott has continued to dig into issues not only to identify a cause and provide the right answer but also because he knows that extra effort will benefit him and others in the long run. He has created a number of tools used by the department as shortcuts to save time. Having someone like Scott on the team is extremely beneficial since he readily shares his findings with the team and others to help them. He also works extremely well with others throughout the organization. His light-hearted approach is well received especially when people are dealing with stress, and he consistently exhibits high standards and a lot of energy with all.


Scott has spent the last 22 years with BIC Graphic, mostly in the purchasing department with some prior time in the production, estimating, and quality departments. Throughout his 22 years, he has worked in Woodbury, MN, Des Moines, IA, Janesville, WI and Red Wing, MN.


As a buyer, Scott manages and places orders for inventory, solves logistical problems with the stock of those items, and serves internal customers from multiple departments. His favorite part of working at BIC Graphic NA is being around the friends he’s made over the years and the great people throughout the company that he feels lucky enough to connect with on a daily or weekly basis.


His favorite product was an award from a major televised award ceremony that he personally sourced and solved the size issues for that the previous supplier was unable to resolve. He found it very gratifying to see the award given on television for the next decade knowing what our organization did to obtain that business.


In his spare time, Scott enjoys being with his family and friends while boating, watch sports, hunting, and fishing. Scott also loves demolition derby and once drove several hours to watch a live event.

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