Live your Best #KOOZIELife

The KOOZIE® brand started in 1979 with insulated can koolers and quickly became a favorite addition to parties, tailgates, days at the beach and everywhere else people gathered to have a good time. After building upon KOOZIE® quality with housewares, kooler bags, and insulated drinkware; it is time for the KOOZIE® brand to grow once again.   So how can you live … Continue reading Live your Best #KOOZIELife

Mark the Date for Year-End Planning

Year-end is right around the corner which means new calendars, appointment books and planners for many homes and businesses. Despite the rise of the digital age, paper calendars are still popular and have shown increased sales in recent years. Plus, as a percentage of sales of promotional products, calendars have held steady or increased slightly … Continue reading Mark the Date for Year-End Planning

Get Ready for 2019 in 5 Steps

Year-end planning may feel stressful as you organize business/tax planning, budgeting, and future strategy during the last few months of the year. Establishing a vision for your business can alleviate worry and guide the direction for your future. Here is our checklist to help close out 2018 and decide where you want to go next. … Continue reading Get Ready for 2019 in 5 Steps

What’s New This Month? November 2018

BIC Graphic NA is pleased to announce over 50 new products across six categories launching in November 2018!  Here are some of our favorite new items: Drinkware Keep your beverage at the right temperature longer with the #46217 Matt Tumbler – 18 oz. The double-wall insulation means this tumbler is sweat-resistant and ready to go … Continue reading What’s New This Month? November 2018

Resolve to Make 2019 a Great Year

Approximately 41% of people make New Year’s resolutions to help kick of the year with life improvements. However, only 9.2% of those people successfully follow through to make the change. (1) Luckily, promotional items and campaigns can be a useful tool to help people commit to their resolutions and achieve their goals. Be Organized Many … Continue reading Resolve to Make 2019 a Great Year

Celebrate the New Year with New Sales

New Year’s Eve is one of America’s favorite holidays, and 92% of US adults celebrate the occasion every year. (1) With cities, businesses and individuals planning celebrations that will be attended by hundreds of thousands of revelers there is plenty of opportunity for promo to add to the party. One of the biggest party nights … Continue reading Celebrate the New Year with New Sales

Fall for Autumn’s Hottest Trends

Trends are a powerful thing for providing insight into what’s popular right now as well as what’s next in the promo industry. Understanding product trends can help you develop better business ideas and solutions for your clients. Here are the trends lighting up the promo industry as we head into autumn. Illumination - Name in … Continue reading Fall for Autumn’s Hottest Trends