It’s no secret that insurance is big business in the United States. In fact, US insurance industry net premiums written in 2017 totaled $1.2 trillion and the US insurance industry employed 2.6 million people in 2016. [1] Promotional products are used heavily by this industry and with that kind of budget and workforce, this is one of the largest promo opportunities the US economy has to offer.

But not all insurance promotions are alike. Depending on the kind of coverage being promoted the appropriate product and message will change. We put together ideas for different insurance sectors to help you choose the right promotion for your client.

Health Insurance Companies

Over 90% of Americans had health insurance in 2017[2]. As one of the most common forms of insurance, the promotional opportunities in this market are plentiful. There are also several approaches to marketing health insurance, whether it’s promoting preventative care and wellness or promoting risk management through actions like avoiding smoking and junk foods.

Health insurance messaging is all about bettering your lifestyle. Messages promoting a healthier lifestyle can be well-supported by a handout like the 20703 Pocket Slider: Stress Management or 20692 Pocket Slider: Stop Smoking. Calendars with health-related messages can rack up lots of impressions, such as the 1301 Healthy Eating calendar.

Also, consider household items that can support a healthy lifestyle. Wellness items for home exercise or going to the gym can positively impact healthy habits and remind clients to get in their daily dose of fitness. Items like the 45341 Exercise Mat or the AP6060 Wingman Duffel are ideal for this purpose. Remembering daily medications can also be a cornerstone of good health so something like the 40752 Slider Pill Box can help clients remember to take their vitamins and pills.

Auto Insurance Companies

About 83% of drivers are insured. [3] While we wish that number was higher, there is a huge market in automotive insurance. With such a broad audience there is plenty of room to get creative with promos that will make a lasting impression with the wide range of end users. Items that encourage preparedness and help during roadside emergencies are also a natural fit for this sector.

21015-Deluxe-Paragon-Highway-KitSafety and preparedness kits like the 21013 Paragon Booster Kit or the 21015 Deluxe Paragon Booster Kit are equipped with highway emergency essentials and are a great way to show customers you care. The 21064 Car Charging Flashlight will help light up the road in emergency situations and can be conveniently charged in a vehicles power outlet.

21185-3-in-1-Ice-ScraperProducts like the 15291 Large Golf Umbrella and the 21155 Mini Auto Trash Can are useful and functional, encouraging a longer item lifespan and increasing the chance for an auto insurer’s brand message to be seen. Heading into winter months, the 21185 3-in-1 Ice Scraper is a great winter time giveaway that is handy and practical.


Home Insurance Companies

About 1 in 15 insured homes have a claim each year. [4]Home insurance is a necessary part of homeownership, so home insurers will continue to build self-promotion dollars into their marketing budgets to stand out from the competition. Targeting these companies and earning their business could mean repeat orders for years to come.

26121_KOOZIE Kamp ChairThe 26121 KOOZIE® Kamp Chair is great for backyard BBQ’s or taking to a tailgate, all while promoting an insurance company’s brand message. Or help clients stay warm all winter with the 26128 Soft Flannel Blanket, complete with 4-color process imprint.

21087Items that are useful around the house make great giveaways and are a natural tie-in to the industry.  The 21186 Screwdriver Tool Set with Pouch includes 19 pieces and the 21087 Mini House Flashlight Keychain is a combo keyring and handy LED flashlight.

Life Insurance Companies

84% of Americans would agree most people need life insurance. [5] Life insurance proceeds offer beneficiaries a source of cash to pay the deceased’s debts, funeral expenses, and income or estate taxes. Promotions for life insurance should promote a feeling of security and comfort.  With 48% of life insurance purchasers buying directly from an agent, promotional items are a great way to ensure that agent’s name and business stay top-of-mind. [6]

7210Help clients think about safety all year long with the 7210 Safety – Stapled Appointment Calendar, featuring tips for home, work and play.  The top-selling 45036 KOOZIE® Six-Pack Kooler is available in 13 colors to match corporate branding and is a customer favorite to carry lunch, snacks and beverages.

Sticky Notes™ are an ideal solution for insurance companies whoStickyNotes want to provide a useful item that can be customized to promote a specific message over and over again. Our extensive range of sizes and options are great for giveaways and for inclusion in informational packets.

Financial Insurance Companies

Financial Insurance is no small part of the industry. In fact, the largest insurance business in the nation is a financial insurance company. [7]This practice is used by some of the largest corporations in the world to protect themselves against risks so there is plenty of opportunity for promotional sales to these businesses.

30434_transblue_styled_1cThe 30434 The Bank’r with Locking Key helps promote financial responsibility and includes a recessed key for the locking mechanism. The 20124 Chrome Money Clip is an economical solution for corporate gifts and promotions.

The 6-sheet 657 Desk Pad includes full color images with the brand message to promote a company for 12 full months. The 55943 Souvenir® Tuxedo Pen is accented with a textured chrome band and features InstaGlide® hybrid ink to deliver heavyweight style and performance.



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