The Souvenir® brand tells your clients’ stories with a fresh and modern twist, but did you know each pen has its own special tale to tell? Here are a few details about your favorite Souvenir® writing instruments so you can pick the perfect pen for your next promo.

Love to tell stories?


The #55920 Souvenir® Story Pen has a chrome logo emblem and a bold 1.2mm write-out for an elevated writing experience. Perfect for writing tall tales and special memories. Also available in a stylus version for digital storytellers (#55938), with an on-trend gunmetal barrel and pops of color for signature Souvenir® brand style.

Are you a trend-setter?


Groovy grooves in the unique rubberized barrel of the #55936 Souvenir® Electric Pen help this trendy writing instrument fit comfortably in your hand. You’ll love the popular bright colors contrasting with the distinctive black clip and accents.

Do you have impeccable style?


With no shortage of flair, the hexagonal twist-action of the #55943 Souvenir® Tuxedo Pen combines a richly pigmented barrel with gleaming chrome accents. The textured band was inspired by the geometric pattern of the Eiffel Tower and with InstaGlide® hybrid ink, this metal pen delivers heavyweight style and performance.

Appreciate minimalism?


The #55935 Souvenir® Vibrant Pen has a simple one-piece barrel and clip design that doesn’t sacrifice style. A matte textured tone-on-tone swirl leads to the curved clip embossed with the Souvenir® logo, and chrome accents complete the polished look.

Are you a multi-tasker?


The handy stylus and bold write-out take the #55940 Souvenir® Motive Stylus Pen effortlessly from paper to screen, and take you effortlessly from task to task. Plus, a trendy grip pattern and bright colors keep your projects fresh and fun. Did you know you can also get the Motive Stylus Pen and the Motive Pen (#55939) with a custom grip to truly set your brand apart? Ask your sales rep for details!

Do you feel like royalty?


The die-cut grip pattern on the #55945 Souvenir® Armor Pen is inspired by the chainmail historically worn by knights in shining armor. This fully rubberized metal pen makes a regal statement with jewel-toned barrels with chrome accents. Also available in a stylus version (#55946) with modern metallic barrel and sleek black accents.

Love bright colors?


The #55934 Souvenir® TFW Pen is named for That Feel When you are truly inspired to tell your colorful story. The stunning mix of bright hue and white pairs a die-cut Souvenir® icon for an added punch of vibrant style.

Are you all about the details?


The #55937 Souvenir® Saga Pen has alternating clear and frosted bands along the grip and Souvenir® branding on the ink cartridge that is visible through the translucent barrel. The wide clip featuring a Souvenir® icon and InstaGlide® hybrid ink add even more value to this well-priced pen.

Do you stand out in a crowd?


The #55944 Souvenir® Tux Pen features a unique tone-on-tone crosshatch pattern to perfectly complement a distinctive brand. The smooth twist-action, elevated InstaGlide® hybrid ink and color-coordinated accents make this a statement writing instrument that is sure to impress.

Can you appreciate the classics?


The #55947 Souvenir® Path Pen offers a fresh twist on a classic writing instrument style. With a half stainless steel, half colored barrel and distinctive clip design, you’ll love the weight and smooth write-out of this pen.

Are you multifaceted?


The #55941 Souvenir® Sol Pen has a trendy metallic barrel and black grip with geometric cut outs to expose the barrel color underneath. The contrast between the barrel color, chrome accents and black clip/grip create a modern backdrop for the screen print imprint. Also available in a push-through stylus version (#55942).

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