Just over a year ago we reported that the game of golf is not dead based on encouraging data from the National Golf Foundation’s participation report. According to the foundation, 2016 saw a record number of people hitting the course for the first time (2.5 million) and an increase in off-course participation at facilities like Top Golf.

So is that still the case, considering the number of rounds played was down last year? Well, it all depends on the weather. While rounds were down 4.8% in 2018 compared to 2017, they weren’t down as much as they should have been given the wet (in other words: unplayable) conditions in key parts of the country. (1)

Grab your calculator. According to historical data from Weather Trends International, each one inch increase in rain equals a 2.2% decline in rounds of golf played. With rainfall up 2.3 inches in 2018, rounds played should have decreased 5.1% according to WTI’s ratio. That means golfers were on the course more than usual given the wet weather patterns. (2)

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Dismiss the Weather Myths

If you’re curious about how much weather affects your golf game, here are some myths busted regarding your golf game and the climate at the course. (3)

  • Humidity does not prevent golf balls from flying as far because of heavier air. The more humid it is the farther a ball will travel, but the difference is pretty small. A change in humidity from 10% to 90% will account for less than a yard of difference when using a 6-iron.
  • We all hear meteorologists talk about low and high pressure systems on the evening news, but does that impact ball flight? No, air pressure accounts for less than a yard of difference off the tee.
  • Temperature changes will affect ball flight, but it may not be enough to use it as an excuse for a short drive. Going from 40 to 100 degrees will only increase a 6-iron shot by 8 yards and a driver by 9 yards. Basically, for every 10 degrees expect a change of approximately a yard.

The weather conditions that actually impact distance include wind, altitude and air density. Denser air creates more resistance that allows golf balls to fly higher, but not quite as far. (4)


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