People around the world love and connect with promotional products. As a matter of fact, they use them throughout every moment of the day. Promotional products advertising is the one go-to branding tool that delivers exposure, engagement and impacts consumers like no other.

Whether your client is a big business or small business, there’s nothing more powerful and effective than putting their brand in the hands of clients and consumers. Promotional campaigns get your customers in touch with their target audience and create powerful advertising that connects.

Next week is Promotional Products Work! Week, and we can’t think of a better time to celebrate the power of promo for helping your clients to connect with their audience.

The Millennial Consumer


Millennials make up one-quarter of the US Population at 89.2 million strong. With 6 hundred billion dollars in spending power, Millennials are the largest consumer generation in history. As the number one most effective form of advertising, promotional products have more recall than all other advertising media, especially among Millennials.

In 2016, promotional products shared nearly 21 Billion dollars of the advertising market in the Unites States alone. As a matter-of-fact, One-third of all Millennials said they are always in contact with promotional products and 87% are curious enough to take further action.

Nearly one in two Millennials said they kept promotional products because the design of the item fit their lifestyle. 80% of people keep their promotional products for over a year, or pass it along for somebody else to enjoy.

Why is all this important? 9 out 10 recall the brand from a promotional product and 6 in 10 recalled the message – now that is some effective advertising! When 83% of a young generation saying they like promotional products and 65% of advertisers consider promotional products effective or highly effective – clearly promotional products work! The opportunities are endless for creating powerful advertising that will live on. (1)


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Get in Touch Today

So, how exactly do promotional products help brands get connected and plug-in to the power of promo?

  • You’re invited: Promotional products are the only advertising welcome in spaces and places that no other advertising medium can touch.
  • Surprise & delight: Customized, personalized, tech-savvy and highly targeted, promotional products are the #1 most effective form of advertising to inspire action.
  • Staying power: With more recall than all other advertising media, 90% of promo product recipients recall the brand and 80% keep items for over a year.
  • Be extraordinary: Turn an ordinary message into an experience by placing a brand message in the hands of end users in a fun, useful and meaningful way.
  • Inspire purpose: Impact highly targeted audience through a social, intellectual, educational and entertaining form of experience and engagement.
  • Get in touch: Promotional products are the only advertising medium that touches all five sense. And the only medium people can touch!

Promotional Products Work! Week ~ May 13 – 17, 2019


Studies confirm US consumers view promotional products as an important role in advertising and the economy, so let’s spread the word! Visit the Promotional Products Work! Week page at for more resources and ways to get involved with PPW! Week including:

  • Organizer’s Guide & Highlight Reel
  • Publicity Toolkit
  • Advertising & Promotion Guide
  • Get in Touch! Video Commercial
  • Promotional Products Work! Week Highlights

Visit to view the latest products, trends and #GetInTouch with the power of promo.

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