Promotional items are the most highly regarded form of advertising (1), but you may be surprised to know they can be useful in unexpected ways when you find the right hack. From promo classics to seasonal top-sellers, here are five life hacks to make your next promo even more functional and memorable.

1 – Carry Bags Easily with a Jumbo Carabiner

No one likes making multiple trips from the car after purchasing groceries for the week. Use the #21251 Jumbo Carabiner to clip all the bags together to carry them from the trunk to your fridge easily and comfortably with the soft handle grip.


This video shows even more ways you can use carabiners to hack your life:

5 – Brighten Up your Front Door with an Umbrella Bouquet

As spring winds down and we head into the summer months, you can still put your umbrella to good use as whimsical home décor. Simply flip your semi-closed umbrella upside down and add your favorite colorful flowers. Place your colorful creation on your front door as a fun nod to the changing seasons.


3 – Minimize Mess with BIC® Sticky Notes™

Working on some projects around the house this weekend? Be sure to have your BIC® Sticky Notes™ on hand. Simply fold the bottom of the Sticky Note™ up and stick it to the wall under where you plan to drill a hole. As you drill the Sticky Note™ catches any dust that falls, making clean-up a breeze!


4 – Turn a Regular Mug into a Speaker

Nothing can liven up a party like some great music, and if you ever find yourself without a wireless speaker, a ceramic mug makes a suitable substitute. Simply turn on the tunes on your mobile phone and place it into a clean, empty mug like the #46239 Melrose Mug – 15 oz. or the #46255 Calming Mug – 15 oz. The mug will channel the sound better instead of it moving in different directions and amplify your music.




5 – Take Writing Instruments from Paper to Touchscreen

If you need a stylus in a pinch, wrap aluminum foil around the end of a pen to for a surface that will work as a capacitive stylus. Be sure the part of the foil that will be used on the screen is as smooth and flat as possible and cover in scotch tape to protect the screen from scratches. Or to save time, get some of your favorite pen designs in stylus versions like the #55940 Souvenir® Motive Stylus Pen or the new #55971 Souvenir® Jager Stylus Pen.



Bonus Hacks!

Did you know your favorite Koozie® can kooler can be used for much more than just insulating your beverages? Here are just a few of our favorite unique ways to use your Koozie® can koolers:


  • Koozie® can koolers are great for providing an extra layer of security for expensive photography equipment. Lenses and other fragile items will be a little more protected with the foam or neoprene Koozie can kooler material.
  • A perfectly ripe avocado is hard to find at just the right time. If you have an avo that is not quite ripe enough, place it in your favorite Koozie® can kooler. In about 10 minutes you’ll have a perfectly ripe avocado that is guacamole-ready.
  • Summer is right around the corner, and we all know how hot the inside of a car can get after being parked for a few hours. Put a Koozie® can kooler over the gear shifter to prevent it from getting too hot to handle.
  • No one wants unsightly rust rings in their shower, so Koozie® can koolers to the rescue! Place shaving cream cans or other metal products inside a can kooler and worrying about rust rings will be a thing of the past.
  • Next time you’re traveling, place your earrings through the foam of a Koozie® can kooler to keep them organized. A great way to store these tiny accessories while on the road!

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