BIC Graphic NA is pleased to announce a new and exclusive partnership with Grillight. Grillight tools eliminate the struggle of holding utensils, flashlights, plates and food while grilling in low light or smoky grill conditions. Their innovative grill accessories were developed to stand out from the crowd, while providing necessary solutions to common grilling issues. This new partnership with BIC Graphic is the company’s first venture into the promotional products industry.

Grillight tools offer patented features like built-in LED flashlights with Ideal Illumination™ Technology, gravity lock tongs, and magnetic aprons that are unique within the grilling accessories category. Their line of solution-based products is designed to maximize function while still being stylish.

“Barbecue and grilling accessories are extremely popular in the Outdoor category right now,” said Kelly Diomeda, BIC Graphic NA product manager for the outdoor & leisure category. “We’ve seen a significant increase in sales of our barbecue items over the last year, so partnering with Grillight seemed like a great fit. Their passion for designing innovative, problem solving products aligns well with our mission to provide distributors with the best brands in the business.”

The partnership with Grillight marks the latest addition to BIC Graphic’s portfolio of nearly 70 brands.

The initial launch includes two different products from Grillight, an LED tool gift set and a magnetic apron. Both products are exclusive to BIC Graphic within the promotional products industry.

“After several years of significant growth in retail, we are excited to partner with the best in the business as we expand into the promotional products channel. Grillight is excited to offer our premium, innovative products to BIC Graphic distributors and look forward to new exclusive offerings in the future,” said Colton Knittig, president and co-founder of Grillight.

BIC Graphic NA began selling Grillight items to promotional products distributors on June 3, 2019. All product information and details are available at

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At Grillight our passion is problem solving. Grillight grilling tools with Ideal Illumination™ Technology are made with restaurant-grade stainless steel for a stylish look and quality feel. Our tools eliminate the struggle of holding utensils, flashlights, plates and food while grilling in low light or smoky grill conditions. Grillight LEDs are precisely tuned to replicate daylight so you can see the true color of the food you’re cooking, and never have to worry about whether your barbecue will be a success. Learn more and view all our grilling accessories products at

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