A Convention & Visitors Bureau was looking to increase knowledge about events and draw more visitors to their region. Knowing the power of promotional products, they turned to the KAPSTON® Pierce Collection to build a cohesive year-long campaign to promote their message.

A Warm Welcome

The CVB launched a targeted digital advertising campaign to draw visitors from neighboring states for inexpensive getaways. The goal was to get people interested in visiting the area to sign up for more information. As an incentive for providing details about their vacation interests, the first 500 people to complete the online form received a #16043 KAPSTON® Pierce Luggage Tag in the mail with their information packet. The giveaway created a sense of urgency to provide information because people wanted to receive the luggage tag, and the CVB reached their goal weeks earlier than expected.


Also included in the information packet was a voucher for a free #16067 KAPSTON® Pierce Dopp Kit. To redeem the offer, visitors had to turn in the vouchers at the CVB for their dopp kit. This provided a way for staff to interact with visitors, promote events/services and recommend CVB member businesses.

Local Adventures

KAPSTON-pierce-back-packTo encourage “staycations” to local residents, the Convention & Visitor’s Bureau enlisted ambassadors to help promote the great businesses, events and outdoor activities in the region. Each ambassador was given a #15807 KAPSTON® Pierce Backpack imprinted with the CVB logo and tagline to wear as they documented their activities on social media.

The CVB enlisted 25 volunteer ambassadors who were required to post about fun, adventures, and hospitality in the region at least 3 times per month on various social media channels. They tagged the CVB and any member business they visited in the posts as well. After receiving multiple inquiries on the backpacks seen in the posts, the CVB added them to their retail shop. They also saw a significant increase in follows and likes on their social media channels because of the ambassador campaign.

Business Affairs

After completing an internal survey, the CVB discovered that members did not feel supported in their efforts to book meetings and conference business. Using member feedback, the staff developed a 6-month ad strategy specifically for corporate events. They also offered to help with supplying promotional items at two different price points to offer groups as added incentive for booking at their facilities.


Corporate groups could select the #16018 KAPSTON® Pierce Journal or the #15932 KAPSTON® Pierce Tote-Pack as a “gift with booking” for event participants. Each was imprinted with the CVB logo and included marketing materials from the member inside. The cost of the items was split between the Convention & Visitor’s Bureau and the facility to make it affordable for both parties. Members were happy with the efforts of the CVB to help draw corporate business to the region, and member renewals increased the next year. The region saw a 30% increase in corporate meeting/conference bookings as a result of the program, so the CVB plans to launch the program again with other options from the KAPSTON® Pierce Collection.

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