The idea that social media can connect people all around the world can be a wonderful thing. The ability of social platforms to reveal locations to millions in an instant may not be loved by everyone, but it certainly is exposing the great outdoors to a new demographic.

The hashtag #nature has been used on Instagram over 400 million times! These kinds of tags have exposed scenic locations to people who never even heard about their beauty. Some believe the outdoors should be a place of discovery and exploration – not a place to get more likes. In contrast, many national parks staff use social media platforms like Instagram to gain followers and stay connected with a new generation of visitors. (1)

Instagram “Flat Lay” featuring Koozie® Kamp Products

With Instagram driving new visitors to get the perfect shot and park agencies using the platform as a tool for education, there is a clear connection between outdoor adventures and photo sharing networks. As more people take off on excursions to get that perfect shot in scenic locations, they will want gear and accessories that enhance their Insta-grid aesthetic and reinforce their outdoorsy image.

#16002 Koozie® Olympus Backpack

With the popularity of outdoor lifestyles continuing to rise, the trend of sharing nature photos on social media is sure to continuing growing as well. High-quality, unique promotional products are a great way for brands to get exposure via this popular Instagram trend. Brands who promote their message on outdoor gear, apparel and accessories are certainly likely to end up gaining extra exposure thanks to #nature and the Instagram era.


#CB1015 Champion® Full Zip Lightweight Jacket – Be ready for stormy weather with this BIC Graphic exclusive that has water-resistant coating, scuba collar with hood and elasticized cuffs to help block the wind. A packable version of the classic anorak style with tri-color Champion® emblem at the cuff.

#16070 Osprey® Daylite Plus – The lightweight simplicity, durability, comfortable carry and price of the Daylite Plus has proven to be wildly popular in retail. With organizational features and designed for comfort, a great pack for every day or a day hike that is backed by Osprey’s All Mighty Guarantee.

#26119 Koozie® Kuff Beanie – This beanie is made with Koozie® brand quality to be lightweight yet cozy with stretch for comfort. The double layer with fleece lining and imprinted cuff provide extra warmth.

#32300 House of Marley® No Bounds Portable Bluetooth® Speaker – This speaker is designed for outdoor use with rugged, waterproof and dust-proof materials. Crafted with sustainable REGRIND™cork for a natural look and floating capability. Features 10-hour battery life with wireless dual-speaker pairing and quick charge with the provided cable.

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