It’s no surprise that in March of next year, New York is joining California and Hawaii in banning single-use plastic bags state-wide. These store and supermarket staples are estimated to have only a 12-minute lifespan from first use to being discarded. However, some of these bags take 10 to 1,000 years to decompose, and shoppers use about 500 billion of them worldwide every year.

Cities in 21 states in the US and cities in five Canadian provinces have a single-use plastic bag ban / bag tax in the process of being implemented or already in place. This is great news for environmental concerns, but it can also mean big things for the promotional products industry.

Reusable tote bags are a single-use plastic bag solution that offers repeated brand impressions every time end-users go to the store. Plus, they often have greater capacity and are easier to carry. As more bans are put in place, tote bag giveaways at store openings, cooking classes, festivals and trade shows will get this eco-conscious choice to more consumers. Stores will also be looking to add their logo to sturdy, reusable tote bags at varying price points to provide options for their customers.1

As more cities and states adopt this position on single-use plastic bags, be sure to help your clients get plastic bag ban-ready. Providing tote bag options with a variety of features at different price points will ensure you aren’t left holding the (plastic) bag come March 2020.

#15918 Non-Woven Budget Tote
  • Open main compartment with shoulder-length handles
  • Perfect for bookstores and gift shops

#15600 Non-Woven Grocery Tote
  • Reinforced handles, deep gusset and mix and match bag, handle color and trim color at no additional cost
  • Perfect for supermarkets and business services

#15916 Mega Grocery Tote
  • A sturdier option with a reinforced bottom panel in a range of color options
  • Perfect for grocery stores and farmers markets

#15975 Non-Woven Shimmer Pocket Tote
  • Stylish printed pattern with an open main compartment with front mesh water bottle pocket
  • Perfect for conventions and commercial banks

#15003 Bargain Bag
  • Trendy natural cotton with sturdy construction and your choice of six handle colors
  • Perfect for hospitality and non-profits

#15735 Clear Game Tote
  • Meets NFL bag policy (logo size may be limited) with a roomy open main compartment
  • Perfect for sporting events and festivals

#15891 4-Bottle Wine Tote
  • Transports up to 4 bottles in a main compartment divided into four sections and wrapped carry handles
  • Perfect for wineries and breweries

#15573 Koozie® Linear Tote
  • Large cooler tote with thermal lining on the interior, front slip pocket and shoulder-length handles
  • Perfect for food/beverage distributors and delivery services

#AP8090 Standing Room Only Tote
  • Classic design with bold color-blocked stripes and zippered main compartment
  • Perfect for trade associations/clubs and real estate

#AP8019 Colorado Shoulder Tote
  • Zippered main compartment, additional exterior pockets and stylish printing and grommet details
  • Perfect for tradeshows and conferences

Visit to view more than 100 totes, perfect for getting your clients ready to say good bye to single-use plastic bags. Or download this flyer to easily share with customers who are looking for reusable tote options at a variety of price points!


1 – Source: PPB Magazine July 2019. Update: The Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags. p51. Koozie® is a registered trademark of BIC Graphic NA. ©2019 BIC Graphic North America, Clearwater, FL.

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