Pricing Associate – Clearwater, FL

Today we are honoring April as a BIC Graphic NA Hero for exemplifying teamwork by going above and beyond to help train Pricing Team members. She is always willing to assist fellow co-workers in their day-to-day duties and assume new responsibilities to help the team. April is a great resource for the Pricing Team by questioning inefficiencies and offering workflow improvements – always with an upbeat and positive attitude, no matter how challenging or complex the situation may be.

April has been with BIC Graphic NA since 1997 and has been full-time for the last 17 years. She has held various positions as order prep, collator, order entry, art department collator/typesetter/graphic artist, and also in clarifications before joining the Pricing Team in 2016.

As a Pricing Associate, April’s daily responsibilities include setting up sales agreements and contracts, fixing pricing issues on orders and uploading new pricing for items. Her favorite part of working at BIC Graphic NA is the people she works with. April loves that in her role there is always something new to learn.

April’s favorite BIC Graphic NA products are drawstring backpacks because they are great to take to theme parks. In her spare time, April loves hanging out with her daughter and the rest of her family. They enjoy going to the beach, doing things with their church, playing board games, watching movies and The Office. Two leopard geckos, Tiger and Steve, are also part of April’s family.

Thank you April, for excelling in your role and going above and beyond for BIC Graphic NA!

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