Learning and adapting are essential to how organizations deliver their services and meet their goals. The non-profit industry is constantly evolving, so it is important to account for the speed at which changes come about with new technology and generational preferences. Keeping up with modern trends is a way forward-thinking groups can thrive, and promotional products are a great way to gain exposure for their missions.

Here are 8 need-to-know ideas for how promos can help generate big money for non-profit organizations and cause awareness campaigns. (1)

1. Target the Next Generation

Gen Z will account for 40% of all consumers in 2020, so it is hard to ignore their motivation to do good and give back. Concise messaging and mobile access are important to this group, as well as unique visuals that tell authentic stories and make for great social media posts.


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2. Think Outside-the-Box

Non-profits are typically lean operations who don’t have a lot of time to generate new ideas when it comes to fundraising. Bringing fully-formed creative solutions to your clients will help spread their message while positioning you as a fundraising idea generator that they will turn to in the future.

3. Get Personal

People are generally expecting more personalized experiences because of the user-centric experiences they have on sites like Netflix and Amazon. A study from Researchscape International suggests 96% of respondents believe a customized approach can help build relationships, which can be a huge benefit to fundraising campaigns.



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4. Communities

A trend in the non-profit sector involves communities working together to spur local action and achieve social change. Donors have started expressing their desire for peer-to-peer fundraising and real human contact with non-profits to see the impact in their communities. Non-profits can hold facility tours, provide easy to access fundraising materials for volunteers and offer rewards to the most active volunteers and donors.


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5. Recurring Giving

When donors set up recurring contributions it can have a tremendous impact on a non-profit’s sustainability. A steady income source allows organizations to focus on growth and innovation. Regular donors tend to be more engaged, give more, and stay involved with the organization for a longer time. Clients can attract recurring donations with incentives like apparel with a limited-edition imprint or on-trend promotional items with an imprint that also helps spread awareness for their cause.

6. Corporate Giving

In recent years, more businesses have implemented corporate social responsibility programs to guide their philanthropic efforts. By partnering with a corporation, non-profits can reach new audiences in addition to raising funds. More visibility may also lead to new donors and volunteers, especially when the business’s values align with the nonprofit’s mission.


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7. Go Online

Managing paper order forms is cumbersome and time consuming. Clients who create an online store for unique fundraising merchandise make purchasing convenient and easily shareable over social media. A streamlined experience makes it easier to give more and creates a campaign that your client will want to repeat again and again.



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8. Bundle for Giving

Some organizations may not be experienced with how influential marketing can be. As advertising specialists, promo distributors can put together effective marketing kits that are invaluable to your clients while generating more attention with donors for a successful fundraiser.


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