In this age of technology, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with constant notifications, endless screen time and info overload. This imbalance is why some people are starting to think differently about their relationship with technology. Identifying which tech tools add the most value can help optimize their use and – according to some – improve your life. (1)

 Some basic ideas behind the value of powering down:

  • Using technology intentionally. Avoid mindless and compulsive use and establish how you want to use technology on purpose.
  • Not using technology to feel better. Getting likes and views provides short-term emotional relief from feeling bored, upset, sad or generally uncomfortable. Instead, using tech to create something should be the primary goal.
  • Putting people first. When people choose to stare at a device screen, they are no longer present. This can create feelings of isolation and disconnection from the people we value most.

Taking a tech break doesn’t mean rejecting all technology and the benefits it can bring to our lives. Being intentional with our use of technology can help us live the kind of life we aspire to instead of hindering our goals. It can be as simple as taking a break without your phone, deleting social media apps from your phone for a set time or sending a postcard instead of a text. (2)

Technology is a popular promo category and suggesting the right tech item or tech-related accessory can result in great exposure for your clients. Here are just a few ideas for promotional tools that can help end users use devices intentionally to help stay sane in our virtual world.

Back to Basics

Did you know that one of the best ways to get someone to comply with a request is by attaching a sticky note? Sticky notes get attention, add a level of personalization and represent one person communication to another; almost like a favor or special request. (2) Instead of sending a one-line email or text to someone in your office, drop by their desk and leave a sticky note if they aren’t there. Then see just how quickly they get back to you.


#P4A3A100 BIC® 4” x 3” Adhesive Notepad, 100 Sheet Pad

Writing notes down on paper and avoiding your phone’s notes app can have unexpected benefits. In addition to clearing your mind, journaling can improve your mood and emotional well-being. All without the distractions of other apps and notifications you may find when typing notes on your digital device. (3)


The #16077 KAPSTON® Jaxon Journal has a front slip pocket and leatherette pen loop with 80 sheets of lined paper and heat-transfer imprint.

Despite the rise of calendar and scheduling apps, sales of printed appointment books and planners grew to $342.7 million in recent years – and for good reason. Paper planners collect everything in one place, eliminating the need to switch from app to app.  In the age of technology, people are still seeing the value of paper planners as a better tool for their day-to-day lives.


The #8108 Gratitude Planner gives people a place to jot down what they’re thankful for while de-stressing and organizing the weeks ahead.

Maximize with Multi-Function

One component of thoughtful digital use is making sure the products you use maximize your time and their function. Choosing a writing instrument with built-in stylus is a multi-function solution that is equally useful when using or avoiding technology.


The sleek #55986 Souvenir® Gaze Stylus Pen has a silver barrel with pops of color and chrome accents for a stylish statement on paper or on screen.


Another multi-function product that maximizes productivity is the #32327 myCharge® Home & Go 4000 mAh. At home, plug it into the wall for a USB-port and then throw it into your bag for power on-the-go. No need to have a separate charging port and power bank with this handy tech item.

Thoughtfully Tech-Savvy

When you find technology getting in the way of your values/goals and decide to power down, having a neat and organized way to store devices is key. Taking time away from tech should feel enriching and fun, not like a chore. Keeping your devices easily accessible and ready when you need them can help you continue mindfully using tech without falling into old habits.


The #32363 Naztech® Power Hub 4 Charging Station turns a single AC outlet into a 4-port high-speed charging station. A practical power solution for a household, office, or anyone who wants to take a break from juggling several devices throughout the day. Plus, it keeps phones and tablets neatly arranged with individual docking stations.

Protecting your tech investments aligns with the values of powering down by minimizing unnecessary waste. Using a protective case can help extend the longevity of devices and can have added features to maximize your device features.


The versatile #32249 Incipio® Stowaway™ Phone Case X/XS protects your phone and can store up to three credit cards of IDs. It even has a built-in kickstand for hands free viewing.

A bag that is designed to carry devices (but doesn’t look like it) is great for people looking to narrow down their tech use. A trendy, stylish bag with organizational elements can be used all the time, whether carrying all your devices or just everyday essentials.


The #15805 KAPSTON® Pierce E-messenger has a sleek and modern look with padded laptop sleeve and added interior pockets. A great bag for every day use, with added elements to protect your device when needed.

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