CDC_stop-the-spread-of-germsWith the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is providing resources for American businesses to plan, prepare and respond with effective communication to their employees and customers. In addition to interim guidance and sanitation recommendations, the CDC also has downloadable posters to promote factual information and actionable steps to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

If you’re looking to print these resources, BIC Graphic NA is here to help. With over 60 years in the printing business, BIC Graphic NA has helped countless businesses and organizations write their narratives. We are more than just calendars, we print ink on paper!

From concept to completion BIC Graphic NA offers:

  • Digital printing for small quantity opportunities
  • Customization: shape, dimension, colors, paper, coatings and variable data
  • An extensive stock library of images – or use your own
  • Web Press and Sheeted Press capabilities with special ink and coating available
  • Packaging: bulk, envelopes, tubes, drop shipments, individual mail and fulfillment
  • Dedicated support throughout the entire process

IMG_6931 copy (002)Think of BIC Graphic NA to print custom COVID-19 posters, letters, postcards or any other resources you require to support your business through this challenging time. As a full-service printer we are here to create, produce and fulfill any materials you need!

For more information or to place your order, contact your BIC Graphic NA Sales Rep! Our facilities are open, fully operational and ready to help.

Looking for temporary signage? Use BIC® Sticky Note™ Adhesive Notepads for a quick and easy way to encourage safe behavior and help stop the spread! Perfect for promoting the CDC recommended guidelines for hand washing, cleaning and sanitation in:

  • Break rooms
  • Hospital cafeterias
  • Nurses stations
  • Essential business entry/exit points
  • Hand washing stations
  • Restrooms
  • Doctor’s office reception windows
  • Cleaning supply closets.

In times of crisis, it is important to keep contact details for the businesses that provide essential goods and services at the ready. Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. shipping industry saw a 40%-60% increase in products being moved into grocery stores and warehouses. (1)MPAB1A_PromoteHealthy

COVID-19 is also demanding additional telecommunications and IT assistance as the American workforce shifts to working from home, and telemedicine proves to be more useful than ever. Custom printed mouse pads from BIC Graphic NA are a great way to keep important information handy as more people are relying on their computers to maintain their normal daily activities.

Check out BIC Graphic NA’s online COVID-19 Resource Hub for more tools to help your business like eFlyers, shareable content and ongoing business updates from our CEO.

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