Work-life balance is a foundational value for businesses with a strong corporate culture. More American employees are working remotely, but even when those workers return to the office, the atmosphere matters. In fact, according to Adam Heitzman, co-founder of HigherVisibility and author at the American business magazine Inc., “Having engaging workspaces for your employees isn’t just a matter of Keeping Up with Jones, human and environmental health are intrinsically linked.”

A few quick stats to reinforce the importance of an organized and positive work environment:

  • A Fidelity survey showed 25-35 year-olds would be willing to give up an average of $7,600 in pay for a more flexible work situation.
  • The average office employee spends 1.5 hours a day, or 6 weeks per year, looking for things – yikes!
  • An experiment with 700 employees confirmed happiness can increase productivity as much as 12%.

So, an organized remote workspace and pleasant in-office environments can lead to happier employees and more productivity. In fact, a study by Stanford University found that remote employees were able to produce work equivalent to an additional shift per week when they worked from home.

It isn’t easy for many small business owners to make costly infrastructure changes like adding relaxation areas, sit/stand desks or on-site gyms. However, it is simple to provide your team with supplies and activities to organize and upgrade their office environment. Plus, having items imprinted with your branding reinforces your corporate identity to employees and visitors alike – both inside and outside the office.

Here are our favorite essentials to easily improve your environment, wherever you are working:

  1. Desktop Organizers

Provide desktop organizers that are modern and stylish to keep desktops tidy. Regularly clean surfaces and devices. Reduce more clutter by getting rid of old papers, washing dirty coffee mugs and eliminating useless office supplies.

  1. Coordinating Drinkware46308-Vibrant-Iridescent-Mug-11-oz

Adding branded mugs or tumblers to your employee onboarding program is a great way to welcome new team members and get your message out in the world. If you want to go the extra mile, add promotional coasters to protect surfaces and add even more brand impressions.

  1. Office Greenery

Plants on the desktop can lead to significant reduction of stress, including a 37% reduction in tension/anxiety and a 58% drop in depression. (1) So, go ahead and bring nature into the work environment and consider a recycling or sustainability program on-site to match your new greener environment.

  1. Promotional Pens

Branded writing instruments are more than just quick and easy giveaways. 51% of people would be more likely to do business with the advertiser that gave them the promo writing instrument! (2) Having branded pens, stylus pens and highlighters for your employees gives them the tools they need to get work done and are convenient items for guests to take after meetings.

#55987 Souvenir® Augusta-Highlighter-Pen-Combo
  1. Mood Lighting

Suggest employees add a lamp or full-spectrum light bulbs to their work environments to simulate natural light. The availability of natural light while working has been shown to significantly improve health and wellness among workers. (3)

  1. High-Quality Calendars


Whether your employees prefer a planner or appointment style design, supplying calendars for your workforce can add great imagery to their workspace and provide a tool to help keep their schedules organized. You can even go the extra step and create a custom calendar featuring photos of your team!

  1. Desk Supply Kit

Desk supply kits and supply organizers are a popular promo that include self-contained supplies in a neat package. Imprint these sets with your company logo to see your brand message repeated everywhere your employees are working.

#32376 Souvenir® Stationery Set with Motive pen

We hope these ideas will help you make a productive and comfortable work at home environment! Be sure to visit to discover even more highly effective office essentials.

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