1.  Navigating Our Website
  2. Product – Your Full Guide to Koozie Group Products
  3. Resources – Everything You Need to Sell More
  4. Account – It’s All About You

Welcome to our Ultimate Guide to! Here you will find everything you need to take advantage of our feature-rich website so you can scroll less and sell more. First, we’ll walk you through how to navigate our website, then we’ll show you how to find everything you need from our product assortment, followed by a full guide to the rich resources at, and lastly we’ll take you through the account features we offer to manage your account and orders. Let’s get started!

The Home Page


Think of the homepage as home base. From here, it only takes a few clicks to find whatever you need! First, you’ll find our latest content front and center including a helpful slideshow or video, featured links, the latest blog post, new products and more. Across the top and bottom are navigation menus within the header and footer that will remain the same on every site page. If you ever want to get back to the homepage, all you need to do is simply click the Koozie Group logo at the top.

One of the best features is that provides an industry-leading mobile experience, so the layout responds to be user friendly whether on a phone, tablet or any other device! We understand that work doesn’t just happen in the office, Monday through Friday from 9 to 5.

Top Menu – Your Shopping Superstore

The Top Menu looks the same everywhere on the site, so it’s the best way to move around quickly and easily while you’re ready to buy your next awesome promo. It is made up of four sections; Products, Brands, Markets and Specials – plus a magnifying glass for searching. When you find something you like, all it takes is one click to start shopping.


Hover over Products and you’ll find a straightforward listing of different promotional categories. Look a little closer and you’ll find items grouped together by popular features like USA-Proud or Always Available.


We’re proud to have a portfolio of 50+ brands including our own best-selling names like BIC®, Koozie® and Triumph® as well as prestigious retailers like Tervis®, Champion® and Osprey®. Just hover over Brands to view them all, and click to shop some of the poplular promos in the industry.


You know targeting vertical markets can help secure more sales, but have you ever wondered what products are top-sellers to those markets? When you hover over Markets you’ll find 36 different business sectors. Click through to shop the promos that clients in these markets purchase the most.


Who doesn’t love a good deal? When budget is a factor, hover over Specials to view the Cycle Promotions, Closeouts, Overstock and Web Only Specials that will get your clients the biggest bang for their buck.

The Main Menu (aka The Hamburger) is the 3 lines at the top left of our site, and it holds some of the most useful content for our Distributors. This is where you’ll find detailed product information, tools and resources that will help you connect with clients and close more sales.

Koozie Group Difference

So what makes us so special? Click on Koozie Group Difference to learn more about our organization, products and services.

  • About Us – Details about why we are your one-stop promotional solution
  • Our Compliance – How we are a leader in product safety, quality assurance, social responsibility, supply chain security and environmental stewardship
  • Made in the USA – What makes us USA Proud, beyond just having the largest assortment of products made, assembled and printed domestically
  • 24 Hour Service – We offer nearly 1,000 items on 24 hour service; learn about how the program works here
  • Blog – Visit the Koozie Group blog for over 750 articles and case studies that we invite you to “steal” to use in your own business marketing
  • Careers – Want to join in on the fun? Our Careers page has information on what life at Koozie Group is all about


We’ve categorized our products in a variety of ways so it’s easy to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for, no matter what started your search.

  • Browse All Products – Get inspired by viewing our entire catalog of 3,500+ products, or use the site’s robust search functionality to narrow down your options
  • Products – A list of product categories and popular features for when you know what type of promo you are looking for, but not the exact item
  • Browse All Brands/Brands – Check out the best brands in the business, (by logo or by listing) and shop their on-trend promotional products that will help your clients make a lasting impression
  • Markets – Discover the promos that appeal to the target audiences for 36 different vertical markets and business sectors
  • Specials – The budget-friendly products on Cycle Promotion, Closeout, Overstock or Web Only Special will make a big statement for your clients with smaller budgets


One of the best things about shopping online at is you will always find the best published price, and the special offers are regularly updated to give you some great deals.

  • Cycle promotions – Big deals that will help you save all year long on some of our best-selling promos and brands
  • Web Only Specials – More than 100 offers that can only be found at
  • Closeouts – You’ll want to act fast because these specials are at rock-bottom prices, but only last as long as inventory is available
  • Overstock – Sometimes you’ve just got to move . . . inventory. So we lower prices on these items way down to get them out the door. It’s a win-win!


At Koozie Group, we’re here for you! When you need more information to close a sale or are looking for promo campaign inspiration, we’ve got your back in our regularly updated Resources area.

  • Catalogs and Sales Resources – Digital catalogs and eFlyers that showcase products by category, theme or brand
    • Catalogs – View and download the current Top Picks Catalog, Grow Your Business Book, Calendar Catalog and quarterly New Product Books
    • iCatalogs – Make our marketing collateral your own by adding your logo and contact details to these ZOOMcatalogs, then send them straight to your customers
    • Promotional Flyers – A vast collection of eFlyers including promotional offers, brand stories, on-trend themes and sales tools.
  • Stock Art & Imagery – Use our print-ready artwork and images to complement your client’s logo and reinforce their brand message
    • High Resolution Images – When you logged in to you account, you can access high resolution images, templates and safety data sheets for download via an SFTP site
    • Downloads – Download a .csv file of our product data, or locate item assets via an SFTP site (you must be logged in to your account for access)
  • Product Ordering Information – All your order questions, answered! Find details organized by general info, specific categories or imprint method

Country Flag

Clicking here gives you the option to switch between the United States and Canada. Making this switch changes everything site-wide to pertain to that country (ex: pricing, product availability, etc.) with one simple click.

You’ll find the footer when you scroll to the very bottom of every page on the website. It’s easily recognizable because the footer is gray with white type, including our logo and address on the right side. Also on the right side you’ll find a link to View Our Awards because we are proud of our team’s efforts and want to show them off!

  • About – Everything you want to know about the business side of Koozie Group. Learn about our Superior Compliance, the brands we offer, visit our blog or learn about what it’s like to work with us!
  • Resources – If you’re ever feeling lost this is a good place to go if you just can’t find what you’re looking for. Here you’ll find your account information, support, artwork/marketing resources, FAQ’s, ordering information and more.

2. Products – Your Full Guide to Koozie Group Products

Browsing Products

At you can shop any way you want! Browse our entire product catalog, or use our menus to segment by category, price, target market or brand. You can sort by item #, price or product name, select how many items you want to see per page and if you prefer a grid or list view.

If you see an item you like, you can hover over the image to take a quick view, do a product comparison, add it to a wishlist or your cart. Or click on the image to go directly to the product page.

Sort By

When viewing a group of products, you can sort that view by item #, name, price or position. Save time and sort based on what you know or what you need and find the perfect promo – fast!


While you’re browsing products, you’ll see filter options on the left sidebar. Use these options to segment the product assortment based on the criteria you already know. You can add one or more filters to refine the product selection, making shopping faster and easier. Filter by:

New Products

Everyone wants to see the latest and greatest products, right? Well at, we make it easy to find and shop new products. Just click New Products under Products in the navigation menu, and everything new across every category will be visible for you to browse. You can even filter new products by launch month in the left Filters menu under Categories.

If you’re looking for what’s new within a particular category or group of products, simply navigate to the page and switch the toggle button at the top of the Filters menu on the left. You can also find NEW under the Product Attributes filter.


Filter by quantity to eliminate products that aren’t available in the amount your customers need. Simply enter the quantity you are looking for, hit the SET button and start shopping.

Price Range

Budget is almost always a factor, whether that is finding a cost-effective giveaway or impressive gift. By setting your Price Range you’ll only see the products that fall within set criteria. You can enter a range, just a minimum or only the maximum to shop the items that work with your campaign.


Whether browsing new products, a specific category or our entire catalog; use Specials filter to see which items are on Cycle Promotion, Closeout, Overstock or Web Only Special. When you open the Specials filter section by clicking the plus sign, you’ll see the number of items that apply to each category to the right in parenthesis.

Product Colors

In the promotional products industry, clients will want items that coordinate with their corporate branding or campaign theme. Under the Product Colors filter you can choose one or more hues and see the items that have options in your selected color family.

Product Attributes

The Product Attributes filter is one of the most useful filters in the menu! You may notice this section changes depending on the product assortment you are browsing. For writing instruments you’ll see a Blue Ink Available attribute, but you can filter by Custom Color Assortment availability for golf. This section also contains helpful filters like Always Available, Full Color Imprint and more.


The categories filter is where you will find items that are available on 24 Hour Service, have Guaranteed Inventory, are USA Proud or New. Plus, this is where cross-category filters can be found. For example, if you are browsing PPE Related Items and need a Writing Instrument, you can refine the list with a Category filter. Sometimes, you can even filter further within this section to find exactly what you need.


Koozie Group has a portfolio of 40+ proprietary and partner brands. Use this filter to see which brands are available for the products you are browsing. You’ll see the number of items available per brand in parenthesis to the right of the brand name.


The Markets filter is especially useful to add when you know the product category that interests your client. By choosing their business sector from the Markets filter, you will see the research-backed items that are best sellers within that industry. For example, if a University is looking for a promotional bag, simply navigate to the Bags category and apply the Education and Collegiate Market filter to see 15 bags that are top-sellers in that vertical market.


One of the best things about shopping online at is you will always find the best published price, and the special offers are regularly updated to give you some great deals.

Cycle Promotions

Cycle promotions last a full year and include special pricing on some of our best-selling products and brands. When you are viewing a product that is on Cycle Promotion, the bright blue SAVE NOW banner appears at the top of the page. The banner displays the cost savings, necessary promo code and valid through date for that Cycle Promotion.

Web Only Specials

The only place to find Web Only Specials is on kooziegroupcom, of course! These specials change throughout the year/cycle and we can quickly add new options since they are only published online. You’ll see the bright blue SAVE NOW banner at the top of the page, displaying the cost savings and necessary promo code to take advantage of that Web Only Special.


Closeouts are here one minute, gone the next! The bright red SAVE NOW banner across the top of the page lets you know that item is on Closeout while supplies last. Be sure to click the Check Inventory icon in the gray assets bar (under the red banner) to make sure there is enough product available to fulfill your customer’s request.


Overstock specials are designed to move inventory, and are often for specific colors of an item. You’ll see a light blue SAVE NOW banner at the top of the page, displaying the cost savings and the colors that are available with Overstock pricing. If your pricing on an Overstock item seems high, double-check to be sure the color you have selected is included in the Special. The great thing about these promotions is that once the offer is gone, the item sticks around, making them still available for later reorders.’s search functionality is built to help you find much more than just products. You can find items by color, price point, imprint method and more. All you have to do is find the magnifying glass, enter a search term and our website will take you there.

Product Pages


If there is anything going on with a product, you will find a red Alert bar across the top of the product page, right under the Top Menu. Alerts will show a bell icon followed by an explanation of what is happening, but if you have additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact your Sales Rep for more details.

Product Menu Bar

On each product page, you’ll see a gray, collapsible menu across the top of the page. This menu contains icons with helpful tools and actions that are specific to that product:

  • Calculate Shipping – Enter the quantity, packaging and general address info to get an estimate of shipping costs
  • Check Inventory – See how much inventory is available by color in real time, updated by the minute
  • Email Page – Send the product page directly to your clients with your own personalized message
  • General Info – One click to see all the details that are important to that specific item
  • Test Documents – View and download the test reports that are applicable to that product, you don’t even have to login to access test documents
  • View Template – View, download and/or print the art template which includes necessary artwork measurements and minimum requirements
  • Virtual Sample – Create a virtual sample and download, print or email the virtual to show clients how their finished promo will look, digitally.

Virtual Samples

Creating virtual samples is one of the most powerful tools on, and is easy to do! Virtual samples show your client how their logo or imprint will look on an item, or on several items, so they can compare options. when you click Virtual Sample on the Product Menu Bar a pop up window opens where you can:select product color, imprint method

  • Select product color and imprint method
  • Add an image and/or text, or a saved logo
  • Select the number of colors and layers
  • Download, print and email your Virtual Sample for your client to review and see how awesome their branding will look on that item!

Product Info

Read about the product, including what makes it an outstanding promo, and special features that make it a unique and memorable choice for your clients. This is also where you’ll find imprint details, what is included in the price, plus product specs, colors and materials.

Ordering Info

When you’re ready to order, look here for additional important details, production time, packaging, country or origin and where the item will ship from.


If you’re calculating total cost, check here for any applicable charges for things like set-up, proofs, imprint upgrades and rush shipping.

Sales Assets

View high-resolution blank product images, random imprint product images, templates, stock backgrounds and stock imagery for that particular item.

At the bottom of product pages, you’ll find Related Products. These items have proven to be popular for customers who have purchased the product you are viewing, and may include promos from the same category or complementary categories. A great resource if you are creating a multi-promo campaign!

3. Resources – Everything You Need to Sell More

Catalogs and Flyers

The Koozie Group Sales and Marketing Teams regularly update the marketing collateral available for our Distributor customers, and all these materials are available on our website! Even better, we create these catalogs and flyers using feedback from those Distributors to make sure they are useful and relevant. You’ll find downloadable versions of our Top Picks catalog, current promotional flyers, brand stories, New Products books and more!

iCatalogs and Personalization

When you find a catalog that would be perfect for your client, visit our iCatalog center and make it personal! This handy tool allows you to add your own business logo and contact information to the marketing piece – without Koozie Group branding – then send it digitally to your customer.

General Information

This is THE place to go to learn all the important details about product categories because the need-to-know info about apparel is very different than drinkware or writing instruments. Learn about specific terminology, shipping requirements, imprint locations, set-up charges and more.

Here you’ll also find an overview of imprint methods with visual examples and explanations of each process. However, one of the most popular sections under General Information is Customer Ordering. This contains all the nuts and bolts of how to order from Koozie Group including:

  • Production-Ready Order
  • Production-Ready Artwork
  • Proofs
  • Services
  • Shipping Information
  • Terms & Conditions

Stock Art & Imagery (downloads)

Our library of stock line art and high-quality imagery is available to enhance your client’s promo campaign. When you are logged into your account, you have access to peruse all the available artwork on a secure FTP site. Plus, you can also download templates, safety data sheets, product data and item assets.

4. Account – It’s All About You


To get the best of you want to be sure you are logged in to the website. When you click on Login in the top right corner, you are taken to a page where you enter your username and password. If you forgot your password, simply click on the sentence above the username field, “You can reset your password here”, or on “Forgot password?” below the yellow Login button. To keep your information secure, we will reset your password and send your Login information to the email address in your profile.

If you are a new user on the website, welcome! Simply click on “New User?” and follow the prompts to either register your existing Koozie Group account on the website or set up an account number for new customers.

Remember! Even existing Koozie Group accounts need to register on to access their information online. So even if you aren’t a new customer, you are still considered a “New User” (of the website) until you set up your Username and Password.

My Account

Once you are logged in, the menu at the top of the website will have more options. When you click on My Account you are taken to a dashboard that contains tools to manage your account and all order information associated with your account.

My Orders

On the left side of your dashboard you’ll find My Orders, where you can view all your orders, or check in throughout the order process. Whether just entered or shipped months ago, this is where you can find all you order history and details, whenever you need to!

Order Online

When you’ve found your perfect promo, it’s time to buy (or order a sample). makes online ordering easy.

  • Want a sample? Select the Order a Sample radio button and choose your product color. Then select the quantity you want, click Add to Cart and when you’re done shopping your samples will be waiting in your cart.
  • Ready to order? Select your color and click the Decorate and Order radio button. You’ll be presented with two options. For our most common order configuration, select “Save me time, keep it simple!” or select “I want to see advanced options” to review each step. Either way, will walk you through your choices with simple drop down menus. When everything looks good, click the yellow Add to Cart button.

Shopping Cart

Once you’ve added some promotional products to your Shopping Cart, you’ll see an item count notification on cart icon in the site header. When you click this icon, and a window will expand on the right side of your screen with a quick view, and you can click Edit/View Cart to move to checkout. You will also see a Go to Cart button on the pop up window that appears immediately when you add a new item to your Shopping Cart.

You Shopping Cart displays all the items that you have added while you shopped. You’ll see a thumbnail, item number, details, price, quantity and total. There are also Actions to the right of each item where you can edit, add the item to your wishlist, or delete that line from your order.

Underneath your cart contents, you will see a field to enter Promo Codes on the left side. Below is the Estimate Shipping Tool. When you enter the Country, State/Province, Zip Code and click on Estimate Shipping, all available shipping options and estimated costs will populate. Below that, we offer product suggestions based on your cart contents

On the right you will see your subtotal, and a place to agree to the order Terms and Conditions. If everything looks good, click the Terms and Conditions agreement radio button and click the Continue button to continue to order confirmation and processing.


Use your Wishlist to save the products that interest you, and you might want to revisit later. When you add a product to your Wishlist (just look for the heart and click) you’ll see an item count notification on Wishlist icon in the site header.

You can edit the items on your Wishlist, or send them to your Shopping Cart with just one click. You can also share your Wishlist URL by copying/pasting the provided link or send easily via email.

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