A vertical market focuses on a specific industry, demographic or niche. Vertical marketing concentrates on creating products and services that are desirable for that specific audience.

BIC Graphic NA has analyzed the top sellers and latest trends in the most popular industries, and used this research to provide guidance selling to these vertical markets. Use these targeted posts as a resource to help grow your business with existing clients and target potential new customers.


Few industries embrace self-promotion quite like those in financial services. Banks, insurance companies and other consumer financial organizations can make use of almost any promotional product to reinforce their brands. At least 130 of Fortune’s Global 500 companies have headquarters in the U.S. to take advantage of its creative, competitive, and comprehensive financial services sector. (1) Targeting these companies and earning their business could mean repeat orders for years to come.

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Manufacturing and Construction

The U.S. manufacturing and construction industries are poised for continued growth in the coming years. A robust housing marketing coupled with renewed political interest in infrastructure is leading the way for more hiring and wage growth in this sector. (2)

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More than 19.5 million people work in the healthcare and social assistance sub-sector. These employees are highly trained and earn salaries well above the national average. (3) With long hours and high-pressure environments, employers are keen to support employees through reward and incentive programs.

BIC Graphic has identified strategies and product ideas to help shape up your sales to the healthcare vertical market.

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Being successful in any industry today relies on understanding and embracing the latest trends in technology. As businesses rapidly integrate new tech there is a growing need for companies who research, develop, distribute and service technologically based goods and services. (4)

Global technology spending is projected to top $4.8 trillion in 2018 with the U.S. accounting for approximately $1.5 trillion of that market. (5) The potential of emerging tech and certain growth within the sector means good opportunity for promotional marketing within this space.

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Education and Collegiate

As one of the largest purchasers or promotional products, the education vertical market is a great place to focus sales efforts. Testing companies, textbook manufacturers, recruiters, tutoring companies, libraries, and school supply distributors are all potential sales opportunities.

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Real Estate

The real estate industry is big business in the U.S. generating billions of dollars in revenue annually, (6) and the industry is expected to continue riding the wave of the strong economy to steady growth. (7) Real estate professionals know the power of promotion so they will looking for unique, creative and memorable items that are also useful for them and their clients.

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Providing products that spread the message of a worthy cause is one of the most rewarding parts of being in this industry. Promos garner the attention these causes deserve by raising awareness, thanking volunteers or donors, and marketing the organization.

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The automotive vertical market is a juggernaut, accounting for approximately 3-3.5 percent of the U.S. GDP and employing more than 940,000 people. (8) Auto dealerships, rental companies, repair shops and parts suppliers know the value of using promotional products to drive traffic for their businesses.

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Farm to table is popular because people are interested in learning more about where their food comes from, and supporting businesses that work with local or regional farms. As this movement continues to grow, there are emerging opportunities for promotional products to benefit this sector of the agriculture industry. (9)

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Once upon a time tailgating was simply a six-pack and some hot dogs in the stadium parking lot. Fast forward to today and tailgating is its own event – and people are willing to spend big to make their tailgating time memorable. In fact, up to $12 billion is spent on tailgating activities in the U.S. every year. (10)

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Gift Giving

Gift giving is a great way for companies to show clients gratitude for their business. However with so many available options, it may seem overwhelming to know exactly how to show client appreciation. We’ve outlined a few ways to narrow down the options to help give gifts with impact that keep your business top-of-mind and help strengthen client relationships.

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New Years

New Year’s Eve is one of America’s favorite holidays, and 92% of US adults celebrate the occasion every year. (11) With cities, businesses and individuals planning celebrations that will be attended by hundreds of thousands of revelers there is plenty of opportunity for promo to add to the party.

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It’s no secret that insurance is big business in the United States. In fact, US insurance industry net premiums written in 2017 totaled $1.2 trillion and the US insurance industry employed 2.6 million people in 2016. (12) Promotional products are used heavily by this industry and with that kind of budget and workforce, this is one of the largest promo opportunities the US economy has to offer.

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Promotional products are a great way for faith-based organizations to expand the reach of their messages and influence their communities. With approximately 350,000 religious congregations in the US, this sector has huge promo potential. (13)

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Travel and Hospitality

Businesses focused on hospitality rely on promotional items to help make a positive impression and reinforce their brand identity. Travel companies tend to purchase promotional products year-round with a median order size over $1,000 so this is a potentially lucrative sector for your business. [1]

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Business Services

The U.S. business services sector includes over 400,000 companies with a combined annual sales of over $750 billion, but providers of business support services face unique competitive challenges. (3) Promotional products are an integral part of helping these companies market their services and abilities. That’s why the Business Services sector is the top industry purchasing promotional products. (4)

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Americans love entertainment. In fact, entertainment is consumer’s biggest expense after housing, food and healthcare. (1) As the desire for more entertainment grows, so will the need for memorable promotions in the competitive space. Here are our tips for tuning in to the entertainment vertical market to help sales soar.

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The $30 billion fitness industry has grown 3-4% every year in the last decade, and the growing number of fitness options and services means this progress will most likely continue. (1) The growth of this vertical market is good news for promotional distributors because the opportunity to secure more sales to the fitness vertical market can only continue to grow.



Retail has remained a steady market for the promotional products industry in recent years despite changes to consumer spending habits. (3) Learn how unique and compelling promotional products appeal to shoppers and influence the retail vertical market.



Eco-friendly promos are key when targeting Gen Z and Millennials, and smart companies will leverage their interest to drive sales by advertising their brands on environmental promos. So, think green and earn green with promotional products that are perfect for the growing environmental vertical market.



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