Today we recognize Crystal as a BIC Graphic North America Hero for her vast understanding of our Credit Department, and more! She always takes time to learn new things, shares that knowledge and never hesitates to help her teammates with whatever they may need.

Crystal started at BIC Graphic NA in 2012 as a temporary accounts receivable assistant, then a credit associate handling prepay accounts. After being hired on as a full-time employee in 2013, she became a credit analyst II working with net 30 accounts. BIC Graphic NA paid for Crystal to sit for the NACM Credit Business Associate (CBA) exam in 2017 and after earning her CBA, she was selected to be an internal auditor. Over nearly two years in that role, Crystal was able to learn a great deal about the various processes and procedures used across BIC Graphic NA, as well as meet a lot of people within the company. Then, in 2018, Crystal moved to her current role as a Cash Application Specialist.

In her day-to-day as the Cash Application Guru, Crystal’s main focus is money. She balances the prior day accounts receivable activity to what is in the bank, posts ACH and wire payments into the BGNA system, processes emailed payments, reconciles payments that may be misapplied by the bank and assists with any issues regarding payments or payment applications. “I am excited to come to work every day because I know what I do is important. Not only to the business, but to everyone that works here,” Crystal says. “I like being the go-to person and I love being the center of attention!”

The People Power that Crystal is most passionate about is Ask, Seek, Go Deep & Learn. She likes to know how everything works, so she is interested in learning all she can regarding processes and procedures. According to Crystal; everyone who knows her knows that she will ask questions, go find the answers and sometimes dig deeper than necessary to learn so she can then teach others.

Crystal’s favorite part of working at BIC Graphic NA is getting free swag and trying all the latest promotional products we offer! Her current favorite is the #46178 Koozie® Hartwell Vacuum Tumbler because it keeps her coffee hot for half the day and she doesn’t have to worry about it getting cold before she finishes.

In her (very rare) spare time, Crystal likes sipping her favorite adult beverages while relaxing with a movie. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her daughter (22) and son (15). Her son is heavily involved in basketball and is on two different teams, one traveling and one local. He has practice and skills training 2-3 times each week and plays in several tournaments on the weekends – which is why Crystal has very little spare time. She also loves her Chihuahua, Lady, who likes to dress up . . . okay, okay – maybe it is Crystal that likes to dress her up!

Thank you, Crystal, for being such a knowledgeable resource for our business, and a valuable employee who exemplifies BIC Graphic NA’s People Powers!

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