It’s been over 40 years since the Koozie® brand was born when a construction worker found that piping insulation kept his sodas cool and his hands dry while on the work site. Since that awesome day, the word Koozie has become synonymous with good times – products that are designed to perform exceptionally well for modern life, with a touch of fun.

The Koozie® Name’s Beginnings

Remember that {genius} construction worker? Well the sleeve he invented reminded him of the tea pot warmer his grandmother used during her afternoon tea, which she always called a cozy. He borrowed that name, and with a few spelling changes to reinforce the “cool” factor, the Koozie® name was born.

It wasn’t long before his buddies (and everyone else) wanted their own Koozie® can kooler and manufacturing quickly grew beyond the construction worker’s capabilities. That’s when Radio Cap Company stepped in and saw the potential for this game-changing invention. In 1980, RCC made the construction worker an offer he couldn’t refuse and became the proud owner of the Koozie® name and design patent.

The Ultimate Promotional Product

At RCC, the Koozie® brand truly came to life. It wasn’t long before can coolers were available in a rainbow of colors. The potential to use these fun products for brand messaging couldn’t be denied, and eventually RCC was selling millions of imprinted Koozie® can koolers.

A Koozie® can kooler quickly became THE way for brands to make sure their messages were seen every time people were having fun. High-quality Koozie® can koolers were a popular way to keep the good times going by keeping beverages cooler longer, with brand impressions that lasted long after the party ended.

BIC Graphic NA acquired the Koozie® brand in 2009 and over the years has expanded the line into more than just drinkware, supporting good times with high quality products for every area of life.

Not all Can Coolers are the Same

Today, imprinted can coolers are a given at every special event and merch shop. However, they can’t all call themselves by the Koozie® name. The Koozie® brand is authentic, using their iconic past to guide an innovative vision for the future.

Many popular products have been “genericized” by being the first and/or best in their category. In fact, the VELCRO® brand has an entire #dontsayvelcro campaign urging people to use the correct terminology for their competitors, aka “hook and loop”.

With such strong roots, BIC Graphic NA actively works to protect the Koozie brand. Our employees take pride in the brand as well as the products we manufacture and decorate. This pride is what drives us to continually expand the brand and introduce great new products and why only can coolers from The Original Chill™ can be called Koozie® can koolers.

A Powerful Present for the Future

Today, millions of Koozie® branded products are sold daily by BIC Graphic NA, including some of the original mainstays. The brand has expanded to housewares, tumblers, bags, kamping gear and even portable audio (coming later this month!) – Making sure that every item bearing the Koozie® name lives up to customers’ expectations.

Be sure to visit and shop all the Koozie brand products for powerful promos that help tell fun, dependable, unique and genuine brand stories.

Koozie© is a registered trademark of BIC Graphic NA. ©2020 BIC Graphic North America, Clearwater, FL.

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