The December ESP search data is in and traditional promo categories are making a comeback for the first time since the pandemic hit last spring. In fact, the Top 10 ESP Search Term data shows two promo classics, mugs and pens, bumping face masks to #3.

December was the first time in eight months that face masks were not the most searched term in ESP. While PPE-related items remained in 3 of the top 10 spots, traditional favorites like blankets and tumblers rounded out the most searched terms. While this shift may be a sign of a return to promo business as usual, there is no denying that consumers are still being cautious when it comes to health and safety.

A recent study conducted by NAPCO Research in collaboration with Promo Marketing surveyed promo distributors, suppliers, apparel decorators and creative agencies. Earlier in 2020, 67.5% of respondents saw an increasing demand for health care products. In December that number dropped to 55.9%. Evidence that demand for health care/PPE products is still increasing but slowing down.

That’s why we’ve grown our PrevaGuard™ product line to meet the shifts in demand brought on by the pandemic. This expansion includes top-selling designs and on-trend items in five different categories, all containing an EPA-antimicrobial additive that helps protect the products by suppressing the growth of bacteria, algae, mold and mildew.

Check out some of the newest PrevaGuard™ products, and suggestions for markets to target so you can generate more sales with PrevaGuard™ in 2021.

According to ASI, companies that are innovating and advancing the digital marketplace and leading the way in digital entertainment will continue to be prosperous in 2021. Pursuing business with technology prospects is a good way to generate sales in this sector. Consider cyber security firms, app developers, gaming companies, etc. and how promo products can boost their marketing initiatives.

A Technology Case Study:

A cyber security agency was launching a new, simpler way for clients to report issues. As part of the launch, they gave out #MPAB6A BIC® PrevaGuard™ Mouse Pads imprinted with the new process so important information would be readily-available.

The agency chose the mouse pad with PrevaGuard™ antimicrobial preservative because many of their clients worked in healthcare research and technology. Most recipients requested mouse pads for all employee workstations which the agency happily provided. After the launch there was nearly universal acceptance of the new process, with only a minimal number of clients misdirecting their issue reports.


It makes sense for restaurants and food delivery services to use PrevaGuard™ writing instruments, but there are more opportunities in the hospitality sector than you may realize. Some are predicting that the travel/resort/hotel industry could see a big sales jump once the COVID vaccine is widely administered. Be ready with ideas for your hospitality clients like the #56024 PrevaGuard™ Ion Stylus Pen. The antimicrobial additive protects the pen and the stylus makes it easier for employees and guests to interact with touchscreens hands-free.



Another way promo is influencing the digital space is through well . . . influencers. These individuals can use promotional items that match their online aesthetic to build their own brands. Of-the-moment trends like a #16154 PrevaGuard™ Fanny Pack is a great choice for influencers expanding the assortment of merch they offer their fans and followers.

The alcohol, beer and wine industry has seen huge spikes in online sales during the pandemic. A new report even shows that online sales of alcohol in the U.S. are expected to grow by more than 80% this year. (1) Smart retailers are setting up e-commerce and order online/curbside pickup strategies to find their place in the changing market.

The #41168 Koozie® britePix® Can Kooler combines the promo power of full color imprinting with an antimicrobial additive to protect the product for its lifetime. A great giveaway to put in outgoing shipments, pick-up orders, mailers or add to retail shops.


Event Planners / Trade Show Organizers are gearing up for the potential return of in-person events later this year. And where there are conferences, there are totes! The #16151 PrevaGuard™ Grocery Tote has a large storage capacity, shoulder-length handles and a PrevaGuard™ logo tag. Plus, a generous 9” x 7” imprint area for big brand impressions.

Education and collegiate promo sales may not match pre-COVID numbers yet, but there is potential for a big rebound in the third and fourth quarters of 2021. With added protection for the products, promos that contain the PrevaGuard™ EPA-registered antimicrobial additive are sure to be a hit with education and collegiate clients.

An Education and Collegiate Case Study:

Part of a middle school’ s high school preparation curriculum included a journal where student’s kept track of assignments and communication that needed shared between parents and teachers. The school provided each student a #16162 PrevaGuard™ Notebook with Stylus Pen to help suppress the growth of bacteria on the notebooks as they were so frequently passed between parents, teachers and kids.

Did you know?

BIC® PrevaGuard™ Clic Stic® Pens (#CSANTI) are sold at some of the top retailers in the US! So when your customers see them in their favorite stores, be sure to let them know you can help them build their brands with PrevaGuard™ promotional pens!

Are you ready to boost sales with PrevaGuard™ products in 2021? Check out how the expanded PrevaGuard™ line offers the perfect combination of classic promos with added product protection at


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