Shipper – Clearwater, FL

Today we recognize Barbara for always going the extra mile to fix shipping issues to reduce wait times and assist her colleagues. She has even provided support by traveling from our Florida site to our facility in Minnesota when they were short-staffed. Without hesitation, Barbara rearranged her personal schedule to support their shipping department for two weeks!

Barbara joined Koozie Group (previously BIC Graphic) in June 2016 as a temp. She was hired on full-time in customer service that November 7th – her daughter’s 16th birthday! Since then, she has been trained in clarifications and as part of the manufacturing liaison team (MLT).

In the shipping department, every day is a little different for Barbara. She starts her day by sanitizing and cleaning her workspace before walking and arranging the freight floor to make sure pallets have been placed in the appropriate lane. Once she starts the belt and logs in to the system, she begins processing and shipping packages. First by verifying/updating the address and ship method, and then by handling any issues she sees while processing to assist the MLT team. A true team player, Barbara also helps line assemblers as needed when she is caught up on her own tasks.

Right now, Barbara is most excited about our PrevaGuard™ pens like the #CSANTI BIC® PrevaGuard™ Clic Stic® Pen and the #RSANTI BIC® PrevaGuard™ Round Stic® Pen. Especially because writing instruments that include an EPA-registered antimicrobial additive are perfect for front line and essential workers during this trying time.

When it comes to People Powers, Barbara believes you can’t embody one without the others. In every step of her job, she asks herself: Would I be happy with this job? This order? This experience? Because she is focused on the customer, Barbara will ask, seek, go deep and learn to deliver great results to our distributors. You’ll also find her encouraging everyone she interacts with from coworkers to deliver/pickup drivers by speaking truthfully and with kindness. Always acting with integrity and owning her part of getting it right the first time to raise the bar and be one team as part of the Koozie Group family.

“I have an amazing shipping support team that helps me to remember that we (in shipping) have the last opportunity to make our customers’ experience amazing,” says Barbara. “I also enjoy knowing every day is a new opportunity for me to represent Koozie Group in a positive way.”

In her spare time, you’ll find Barbara cleaning and couponing. She also works at a funeral home on the weekends, but doesn’t really consider that work because she loves helping people. “God sows into my life each and every day. When people have suffered the loss of a loved one, I feel this is my way of sowing into their lives compassion, comfort and peace.”

Barbara has watched every episode and every season of The First 48, Charmed, Perry Mason and Gilligan’s Island at least five times. She is also afraid of bugs, but served eight years as Military Police in the Army, and her favorite time in the military was basic training!

Thank, you Barbara for always striving to go above and beyond for our customers!

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