Koozie Group (previously BIC Graphic) is once again selling promotional product solutions outside the United States, Canada and approved territories as a result of changing their company name. For the last three years, the Top 10 supplier’s international sales of promotional products were limited due to a clause within the sales agreement with their previous owner.

“Moving forward from this sales restriction is just one benefit of changing our company name. Our sales and service teams are ready to reconnect with international customers and are excited to introduce new distributors to our great products, brands and services,” said David Klatt, Koozie Group CEO. “Koozie Group is a reflection of who our company is today – classic, fun and looking forward to providing positive, lasting solutions.”

Effective immediately, Koozie Group products can be quoted and/or sold to distributors anywhere in the world. This also includes the capability to sell to distributors domestically who plan to ship products to international end buyers and freight forwarders. Product exceptions are noted on individual brand and product pages at kooziegroup.com.

“We’re eager to rebuild these long-standing relationships, expand our reach and work with international distributors to find the best promotional solutions for their businesses and international programs,” said Lori Bauer, Senior VP of Sales with Koozie Group. “While we still carry all the great promotional products and brands we did as BIC Graphic, we can’t wait to reintroduce our services with the new technology and processes we’ve put into place as Koozie Group.”

Learn more about Koozie Group at kooziegroup.com.

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